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25 Dec 2023
4 Mar 2024
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About Puptoe Eggs

Puptoe eggs are easily identified by the tuft of green "fir" on top, but that doesn't mean that they're easy to find. Puptoe eggs are usually submerged in snowdrifts and tend to hatch in the cold. They smell faintly of pine needles and shine like gold underneath the light. Once hatched, the fragments of the egg's shell fade into mounds of gold glitter.

About the Puptoe Creature

Twas the night before Christmas
when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
not even a -

...wait, what's this?! From beneath the Christmas tree, a wet little nose protrudes between the wrapped gifts. The sound of bells jingling accompanies the snuffling, intrigued nose that you can now identify is... a creature! It blinks golden eyes at you as you approach. The creature is a Puptoe! It hops out from beneath your tree and snuffles its nose at you. Instinctively, you offer it a cookie from the plate that you were going to leave out overnight, and the Puptoe accepts it merrily. It yips cheerfully and, spraying crumbs as it goes, starts to scamper playfully all around your tree. It leaves behind a trail of red berries and gold sparkles as it disappears behind your tree. It doesn't reappear, but the sound of jingling bells accompanies you as you return the plate of cookies and put yourself back to bed. When morning comes, a festively decorated present is waiting beside you on your pillow...

Puptoes are joyous creatures that make themselves known most often around the holiday season. They're drawn to decorative displays, and though they are most often found beneath Christmas trees, they are also spotted in nativity scenes and snuffling around glowing menorah. Puptoes are always on the lookout for their favorite treats—holiday cookies—and are known to leave behind gifts for anyone that elects to feed them.