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About Caramole Eggs

You pick up a chocolate egg, ready to enjoy its delicious chocolate shell and caramel center... but you find the egg already cracked open.

And what is that inside of the egg? That's definitely not caramel...

About the Caramole Creature

It's not an uncommon occurrence to find your chocolate eggs infested with a Caramole after laying them out for an Easter egg hunt. These creatures have an immense sweet tooth. You can find them burrowed underground most of the year but during Easter most come to the surface in pursuit of the perfect chocolate egg to burrow themselves in.

They remain hidden inside of the egg until they consume all of the caramel within. Once they are satisfied, they emerge and munch on the chocolate shell of the egg until it too is nothing but a memory. They will continue to find more eggs and repeat this process until they are completely satisfied. Arkians report that Caramoles have a tendency of making the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Egg Cave more challenging.

Once Easter is over, they retreat back to their underground homes and wait patiently for another opportunity to treat themselves to another sweet delicacy.