Pergola the Pangolin

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About Pangolin Eggs

Mother Pangolins will create a nest of fallen leaves in which to hide and incubate their eggs. These nests are most often found nestled amongst the roots of trees within Ark's bioluminescent regions. The leaf-like scales on the outside of the egg act as camouflage and temperature regulators. If the egg gets too warm, they will spread out to let cool air circulate in and for heat to escape. The opposite happens when the egg gets too cold, closing together to trap warmth within the egg. It's not uncommon to see the scales move several times throughout the day, sometimes giving the impression that the egg is slowly breathing.

About the Pangolin Creature

Pangolins reside mostly in the bioluminescent jungles of Ark. Their scaly bodies can manually emit a warm, soft glow that helps them camouflage amongst the luminous foliage and displays aposematism to ward off predators. Through the means of convergent evolution, Pangolins share the Ulert's interesting trait of having an elongated and sticky tongue. This tongue is used for the infiltration of ant colonies and termite mounds, where the insects are efficiently sucked up from their burrow as food.

The Science and Research Center initially mistook Pangolins as a new breed of Pthali, but the genetic composition of both creatures were far too different to make make any connection.