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About Plasmenne Eggs

This egg is covered in flames but surprisingly it's cool enough to hold!

About the Plasmenne Creature

These creatures, resembling the shape of a fiery chick, start incredibly small and are always encircled by the dancing flames that make up their body. Because they don't appear to have anything of structural intengrity at the center of their forms, no one knows how they live or sustain the shape they do but they are thought to likely be fire spirits.

When young, Plasmenne are cool enough that they can be held without the risk of burns, and are actually quite affectionate and gleeful creatures. To care for them, they are best fed twigs or other small sources of wood which in turn will gradually increase their size and temperature.

Once fully matured, Plasmenne make great and helpful companions. They can keep the household warm or serve as assistants in the kitchen cooking small foods quick and efficiently. They impart a tasty and slightly smoked flavor to anything that's heated on them.

Thought to be a good-luck tradition, Arkians love using Plasmenne to cook eggs and egg dishes around Easter in particular.

It is also rumored that, if fed enough wood or even coal, a Plasmenne can grow until it is as big as a bear... but most Arkians don't care to test this theory for the hazard it could pose! It's best to limit its diet to just a few twigs a day and to keep it a safe and appropriate size.