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6 May 2024
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About Augga Eggs

With each egg bearing a striking resemblance to the eggs of its cousin, the Augga egg has a very large azure eye spot marking the middle of its egg. The eye spot has been proven by the Science and Research Center in Ark City to be a non-functioning eye perhaps only existing to benefit by way of mimicry.

Despite the scientific evidence, most Ark citizens will report a certain unease exuding from the eye almost as if it's following their every move.

About the Augga Creature

Throughout their juvenile lives Auggas tend to remain on the ground as it is easier to compensate for their poor eyesight with slow deliberate movements. As they age and their depth perception develops they may be found taking short test flights to and fro to get a feel for dodging aerial obstacles they may not see. It is said that an Augga's first flight is quite a hassle for the insurance agencies of Ark City.

As an adult, the sleek black Augga is a relatively solitary creature often choosing to spend its time in the depths of Ark's darkest forests where its single azure eye seems to glow in the dark. Many Ark citizens actively seek out elder Auggas in hopes of learning secrets of the island from them. Polls amongst Augga enthusiasts have been inconclusive as to whether the Auggas actually have any secrets to share or if the rumors of an all-knowing eye have lent them this reputation.

Though they have never been known to share their secrets, Auggas are known to be very keen listeners, even enjoying local gossip from time to time!