Allev the Vella

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3 Jun 2024
14 Jul 2024
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About Vella Eggs

Most people do not see the eyeball embedded in the Vella egg. But it is watching... always watching and aware!

About the Vella Creature

Vellas are mimics that come to life if you stare at its eyeball for long enough. Its flame immediately ignites and, upon being lit, will begin chasing whatever living thing is closest. Vella fire, unlike ordinary fire, cannot be put out with water—the fire must be suffocated through gas, removing the fuel entirely.

After coming to life, a Vella's eyeball transforms into a keyhole. Finding its key nearby and inserting into the Vella is the only way to make it go back to sleep. These keys, often, are very well-hidden and take much time to retrieve. All Vella eye keys are unique, with no two being alike.