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Daisytail the Star Yazan

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Daisytail's happiness is 100 of 100.
Owned by sparkclan           Stolen on 15 February 2016
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Mate : Dapplenose

Species: Yazan

Legend tells that the Yazans are the storytellers of the great world of Ark. They live deep within the earth's surface to provide themselves with the serenity they need in order to write the various tales of Ark's many creatures. The ink required to write such tales courses through their veins and deposits a droplet every few seconds into the feather-like fur found at the tip of their tails.

The magic found in the ink is very strong, and sometimes a very rare few of these creatures have found themselves blinded, eyes turning black as coal, overcome by the ink inside them. These particular Yazans depend solely on the strength of their minds and their tails to write the stories before them.

The stories of old found in the Archives are rumored to be authored by the Yazans themselves.

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