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11 January 2018
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Friends, if you need items for a quest, please don't hesitate to ask me! I'm here to help.

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spookygrrl • 6 hours ago

Hi! so Id prefer selling everything together... which Cozi did you want? I happen to have 2. I also am not super firm on the price of the lot either depending whats being offered

wererage • 8 hours ago

You're too nice... and yeah, I know! But it's still a pretty confused face. Wait a bit, lemme send you a mail, can't take a gift without giving something back. xD

wererage • 8 hours ago

*pokes status* Ahh, I wish I felt that kind of optimism everyday. I still think we do need more cats...
Anyways, any chance the name "0w0", would be for trade? I can offer good. Sorry If not, tho. c:

loumina28 • 8 hours ago

I can accept an Alleniwer then!

loumina28 • 8 hours ago

Hmm. I need to think about reserving. Might you have anything of equal value to trade?

chihiro_sang • 9 hours ago

fed some

dcmaster • 21 hours ago

Yeah! How are you? Do you need anything from @agony?

dcmaster • 21 hours ago

Hey! I’m good!! How are you?

wererage • 1 day ago

Haha you know me, I don't like getting too much help. xD I prefer rejecting quest and waiting for simpler ones. I should try hoarding some items too... and well, time for bed for me. Thank you, was nice talking to you for a bit! Have a good rest of the day / night! (;

wererage • 1 day ago

Man, I've been ignoring the quests for, like, two months... I need to catch up too. (:

wererage • 1 day ago

Doing fine, haha, just feeding a bit before heading to bed. What about you?

wererage • 1 day ago

Boop ♡

lunacharm1037 • 3 days ago

thank you for feeding, fed all back

lunacharm1037 • 3 days ago

Heyy there

iia • 3 days ago

Ah, Thanks so much!

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