Taking unwanted Holoton, Taraxa, Tullum, Mull, and Ceryeean! 27 Jan 2021, 5:54 AM

3 November 2020
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Hi there! So, I'm new here, but I think I like this place! I'm a lore kind of person, though I don't have anything yet. I appreciate feeds, and will try to feed back. I delete all wall comments that are a week old or older for tidiness.

I hoard: Tasma, Kujak, Mackatron, Batteron, Holoton, Taraxa, Ceryneean, Mull, Dragfer, and Cerberus.
I half-hoard: Icenyro, Nomtuk, Listrick, Dinno, and Cosmomon.
I might hoard in the future: Terron
By half-hoard, I mean I will take one if it is given to me, but won't always grab it from the cave.

I have a wishlist: Corlinn, Biwo, Wolfern, Bayak, Huhu, Felichine, Meysko, Nathare, Clast, Corphex, Unusith, Grisal, Flamustela

I play Flight Rising, and Minecraft, and am into Destiny. While I do not play Destiny, I do have both a parent and a sibling who play. I mostly like the lore and the characters.
-Flight Rising
My favorite breed is Skydancer, though I love all breeds. I am a lore lair.
I am a casual player. I love survival, but do play creative. No, I don't believe in Herobrine, but I do enjoy the stories. And I don't particularly care about Entity 303 and Null or whatever.
I am currently obsessing over Crow and Uldren. Want to hear my (passionate) thoughts on them? PM me! (You'll need to be very familiar with the game, though.)

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staceyswag • 3 days ago

@status I have a release date Holoton in my auctions rn and a release date Matta in my trades