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3 November 2020
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Hi there! Welcome to my lair! Let's see, what all do I have to say...

I have a bit of lore coming together in my "The Clan" tab. I am a feed friendly cove, so feel free to feed as many or as few as you'd like! I do try to feed back.

Feel free to post on my wall or PM me; I'm always open for conversation! Oh, I also delete all wall posts that are a week old (or older if I forget) for tidiness, that's all. Nobody's fault

Most things up for trade are already in Auctions or Trades, but you may ask for any creature of mine. Of course, I may say no, and this is most likely to happen with anything I collect (found below in blue), anything I only have one of, and anything rarer. When I obtain a star egg from the Cave, I (try to) raise to last stage and then I sell it via Auctions. If you see a star creature/egg in my cove and you want it, pop me a message! You can state your offer or ask me to name my price, and we can make a trade! Any creature in the "Tentitive UFT" tab will take some convincing to get me to sell, with wishlist creatures being your best bet. Feel free to offer on them, though!

My shop is where I sell travels that I end up with and don't want. If you have purchased from my shop, thank you so much!

Be kind in all you say and do, and I'll get along quite well with you!

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Budgie's Pricing Guide, For Easy Access

I am always looking for these creatures and usually won't sell/trade/etc. any I get.
I collect: Tasma, Ceryneean, Mull, Dragfer, Cerberus, Luvun, Rebonne, Klee, Zekka, Omepail, Batteron, Whirlz, Pekva, Harpette, Zalaeth, Gelle

This is my wishlist. Red Creatures are higher priority than pink and this has no particular order, bear that in mind. (I know, it looks aggressive.)
Corlinn, Biwo, Tine, Vulove, Unusith, Crystar, Soetzal, Iramae, Gantula, Ceffyl, Abrillion, Kolibri, Kooka, Drem, Hyaden, Laika, Iccilah, Flintar, Knightmare, Brios, Anukal, Fauen, Xovo, Luskrull, Luminese, Horsekin, Rencup, Onnekas, Leoaquar, Ignis, Janot, Volar, Ashazar, Aska, Fairtop, Unhemn, Kambing, Electrock, Trask, Trisk, Lizlord, Leafzard, Guinstar, Skrute, Morhethalon, Kambing, Balrogipuwet, Nyacos, Scorbis, Lovador, Skrulline, Coreoli, Diablos, Zuria, Draqua, Sirena, Kektron, Pareteorsite, Kiretch, Flaren, Pebblove, Faunan, Noctiandy, Veema, Knurrock, Wregeon, Specouro, Motti, Cobranch, Hallowolf, Eartha, Chev, Kitbee, Geockard, Gryp, Olimpt, Sikeree, Kirin, Rayun, Horrorse, Valequine, Moxel, Vatrome, Zomini, Orp, Sherth, Taigrin, Sylvern, Odraz, Lycire, Ahjoon, Aliamble, Magval, Zadi, Rannin, Quiv, Vodda, Narlock, Innu, Anaria, Rousel, Pu, Foxfly, Horsca, Tervita, Roarnt, Kyootie, Cumula, Peaflower, Daffolynn, Quetki, Yojura, Celehiro, Falcena, Zorb, Unipunk, Unipeg, Ignalt, Orciel, Volpe, Hinonia, Carnivorse, Meriton, Florn, Colatay, Quadwing, Brohu, Artemiane, Roknatun, Zuote, Burdrah, Ruum, Clocat, Seiren, Goast, Asteran, Drollo, Solis, Florette, Fiamma, Yamamagan, Sepulcros, Naharian, Burdrah, Mishqen, Dongelic, Clioney, Dilloton, Rotehar, Floodeer, Purita, Yastara, Cantik, Corunis, Valenbun, Ardeidor, Nym, Reidea, Zinhir, Kepatio, Spunny, Alleniwer, Flofbite, Flickle, Eurog, Rie, Gadfly, Paroxy

To be reborn: Orphiex, Mithrax, Pollena, Vitani, Puff_Puff_, Valorie__

Some kind people I've met:

Travel collecters:
@rainbow Pink Clouds of Southwestern Ark
@miraeggs Rainy Pond
@slice Dark Cemetery

Games I play:
-Flight Rising
-Chicken Smoothie
-Pokemon GO
I do not play Minecraft or Pokemon GO with people I don't know in real life
I am WarriorLioness in Flightrising (not very active there)
I am Darkstorm-The-Wolf in Chicken Smoothie (very active there)

[Note to the devs: I play on two devices, though I frequent mobile. I also live with @flaming_vixen, they are not a side account]

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hellarose • 18 hours ago

Hi! Fed 40 creatures of your list!

miraeggs • 1 week ago

Offered, thank you!

rainbow • 16 May 2021, 7:49 PM

ooohhh how much you want for it? ^-^