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28 November 2016
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★★★ Nothing here is for sale or trade ★★★
unless it's already in the tc.
Seriously, don't bother asking. The answer will be no.

Don't advertise on my wall
aka pet peeve #326
It's the virtual equivalent of telemarketing. Please restrain yourself.
I'd also prefer it if you didn't leave 'fed all' comments.
I get a notification for that and I rarely have time
to feed back.

If I frequently see you trying to rip people off, I'm not doing business with you.
I have zero patience for that kind of thing.


Hi. I'm a super introverted/borderline asocial canid-loving hermit.
Small talk is not my forte bc i'm an awkward weirdo and i don't mean that in a cute way
and I'm a grumpy old lady at heart. I'll be as nice as you are.
I like books, quiet time, succulents, avoiding responsibility and fantasizing about moving to Alaska.


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1 day ago

1 week ago

ohhhhh bby haha its fineee i hope you rest well and things will get better ok, if you want the bby back lmk hehehe

2 weeks ago

and I just noticed that you transferred a gift to me bby, haha, i didn't send you a gift to want a gift in return you silly silly bby

3 weeks ago

No problem bby happy new year

3 weeks ago

Thank you for the meadows!
sure you don't want anything for them ?

3 weeks ago

And ps you dont have to reply right away on phone for PMs cause ik its really annoying to haha! Send me your skype name again if you can?

3 weeks ago

Oh you silly! Dont go out of your way to get me presents LOL you are already the best regardless of what you do /want to do for me

3 weeks ago

Sameee im on my phone so dont mind my typos aha anything for you bby

3 weeks ago

Miss you so nuch bby

3 weeks ago

Somehow cannot make skype work uggggh. Love you lots amd mega hugs

3 weeks ago

Merry belated Christmas to you too

4 weeks ago

Miss you

2 months ago

hngg hi bb!!!

2 months ago

also how have you been!! im still busy with acads life, but finally i'll be done by december!! ;;v;;

2 months ago

hi bb omg i missed you!!!! also yay im so glad it got made, tbh i wasnt confident with it bc there were a lot of great suggestions!!!

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