Just a friendly reminder that the Cosmomon, a cave common, is 50 000 meters/164042 feet tall. You heard that right. 15 Mar 2020, 12:51 AM

21 January 2012
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First recorded donor to the SARC!
21 || She/Her || February 12 || 3D Animation & CGI student

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dappne6 • 13 hours ago

Hey, Do you have any cc uft?

surgeon • 19 hours ago

Fed your list for ya ~ and no worries! Enjoy I knew i had an extra one lying around hehe

surgeon • 1 day ago

Yes! Blue forest is one of my favorites too! it looks so good on your little tine

feeding all for ya ~

surgeon • 2 days ago

Fed your list ! and i know right!! they are definitely one of the prettiest travels i've seen so far. Have you seen Blue Docks? I like that one a lot too

flamingtrashcan • 3 days ago

fed all

surgeon • 3 days ago

Fed everyone for ya ~ thank you for sending the travels I already put one on my new mushri egg so beautiful

surgeon • 4 days ago

oh my goodness, you must be psychic, I was about to make a forum post asking if anyone had any! Id love to buy them from you if you have any!

surgeon • 4 days ago

Hey there! Fed all for ya ~ used a x2 Feed bonus

surgeon • 6 days ago

Ohhhhh hahaha thats me too when Im trying to find something new to watch it can be hard to find something you love sometimes

surgeon • 6 days ago

Hey there fed all for ya ~~ whats the show JGDHD? does that stand for something? ive never heard of it actually

surgeon • 1 week ago

Hahah Im watching Greys Anatomy as we speak its such a good show. Are you caught up?

sydney • 1 week ago

fed all w 2x feed stats

surgeon • 1 week ago

Fed all for ya again

surgeon • 1 week ago

aww thank you (; Trying to build a theme haha. Are you interested in medicine at all? and fed all for you

stevepat2002 • 1 week ago

Have some goldshards as compensation hehe

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