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21 January 2012
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First recorded donor to the SARC!

20 || She/Her || February 12 || 3D Animation & CGI student

Let me introduce myself! My real name is Charlotte, but you can call me Charlie, Chacha, Chapus, whatever floats your boat. As you can say by many of the names my creatures have, I'm addicted to both Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so I would LOVE to hear about your OCs and stuff. I also love video games in general but I'm mostly a sucker for RPGs.

I also love drawing and writing, and recently I've been interested in going into the VFX industry.

Also, I've been here quite a while and I was extremely active until about 2014-2015, but I 'quit' because I just lost interest in the website. As such, I'm a bit behind on the creatures and I'm not very active, aka I'll pop up on a weekly basis, so my replies may be slow!

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jello • 1 week ago

Ive searched the depths of this site for an hour and a half. I've gone deep into wall messages for people that might have an aguaille. The owners of them either have them NFT (check my status) or have been dead to the site for at least hella years.

raccoon • 1 week ago

Sure, I can do 150cc.

peppermintcowboy • 1 week ago

Thanks so much for adding to my Panumkin collection! Fed your featured while I was here.

jello • 1 week ago

but like can the moment pass lol (jk i'll keep searching)

jello • 1 week ago

I just checked and they don't. is it possible I could buy Calendra?

jello • 1 week ago

Personally, 3rd (right before last) is my favorite. You suppose they have another?

jello • 1 week ago

Where'd you get the Aguaille? I'ts awesome. What stage are you trying to get it to?

pet_cemetery • 19 Nov 2019, 9:59 PM

Bought the creature. Thank you

pet_cemetery • 19 Nov 2019, 9:30 PM

Lot is set up on my side @kaiserbakura . let me know when tou have offered?

pet_cemetery • 19 Nov 2019, 9:21 PM

Sure. Ill set up a trade

pet_cemetery • 19 Nov 2019, 7:37 PM

Would you be willing to add a little EC on the Compewt?

raccoon • 16 Nov 2019, 8:04 PM

Someone bought one for 200cc earlier, but I think that's a biiit high... I was originally asking 100cc but I'm willing to haggle prices.

valleries1 • 15 Nov 2019, 11:19 PM

By any chance your Chiye is UFT? I love dragons so much

wild_wonders • 11 Nov 2019, 12:30 AM

Cool thank you! Offering!

wild_wonders • 10 Nov 2019, 5:26 PM

All three.

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