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21 January 2012
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First recorded donor to the SARC!

20 || She/Her || February 12 || 3D Animation & CGI student

Let me introduce myself! My real name is Charlotte, but you can call me Charlie, Chacha, Chapus, whatever floats your boat. As you can say by many of the names my creatures have, I'm addicted to both Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so I would LOVE to hear about your OCs and stuff. I also love video games in general but I'm mostly a sucker for RPGs.

I also love drawing and writing, and recently I've been interested in going into the VFX industry.

Also, I've been here quite a while and I was extremely active until about 2014-2015, but I 'quit' because I just lost interest in the website. As such, I'm a bit behind on the creatures and I'm not very active, aka I'll pop up on a weekly basis, so my replies may be slow!

I am a proud member of Hufflepuff at the @harrypotterfanclub!

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jhh3 • 10 hours ago

Little much. How about 500cc.

jhh3 • 1 day ago

How much for the Trovantis? I could do cc.

lonewolf • 3 days ago

Oh- I was going off Budgie's guide. Darn D:

lonewolf • 3 days ago

I like males and stage doesn't matter! I have 200 CC for it

lonewolf • 3 days ago

Also, is the Fetti and Lovador UFT from your side?

lonewolf • 3 days ago

Thank you!

lonewolf • 3 days ago

Hi, do you have How to Train Your Tine or Swimming Tubes?

skymoare • 3 days ago

I honestly don't know, I value the Pu around 400cc

skymoare • 3 days ago

will you take a pu for the koin? I can add if needed

cho • 3 days ago

yesssss ;-; goodbye ec... sadly lol

mintkitten • 3 days ago

Ahh thank you so much

skymoare • 3 days ago

I'm interested in your koin and this lot Trade #944724 , would any creature(s) in this cove or @sky_lord (many are tent there though) interest you?

pouncessoftly • 4 days ago

Very welcome, glad to help when I can!

pouncessoftly • 4 days ago

Yeah, I've hoarded a whole bunch myself. It's the easiest way to get the quests done for sure! Best of luck to you as well Hopefully the machine will be kind to us when we try next

pouncessoftly • 4 days ago

Thank you, I need all the luck I can get xD

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