PikiKitty says, "I am the pie queen, the only pie queen!" 16 Apr 2017, 8:39 AM

27 September 2016
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Hi my name is ChicaChicken or the Pie Queen.

Trading Rules (It's under the ~~~~~ line)


Item Wishlist (Yes, I have one of these. )

Butterflies in Rainbow********************** (Always looking for these, willing to pay ec per travel, maybe even a creature. Also thanks to all those who have some uft and gave them to me.)

OMG my Piki is on leaderboards


To have whole cove have Butterflies in Rainbow Travel [ ]

Get/Keep a Trisk [ ]

Paintings made for me by amazing users, thank you (by niale) (by doyoueverwonder) (another one by doyoueverwonder.) Milatitan)

Recommendations from users XD


Special users:
@byfelisa (really nice, gifts me almost every month)
@popcornflakes (Talks to me often )
@kazumiizumi (Also really nice, gifted me Literally she is too amazing)
@chloelove (Talks to me everyday )
@wild_wonders great person to talk too (Gifted me so many times )
@oscoa (Gifts me and talks to me often )
@poof (Gave me the piki )
@leafmelody (Awesome! )
@spiritkeeper5 (Gave me 10 butterflies in a rainbow travels!)
@ifi123 (Collecting butterflies in a rainbow travels for me!)
@naked-snakes-box (Collecting 2 butterflies in a rainbow travels)
@skyfall4 (Amazing! She talks to me and hits me a lot of insert pies! XD)
@tomoaki ( Nice! Gave me Piki #2!)
@everyone who is on my friends list )

Day I received PikiKitty: Sunday, March 5th 2017
Day I received PikiKitten: Monday, April 17th 2017 (So basically Easter Monday! XD)
PikiKity hatched I don't know when.
PikiKitty evolved to teen I don't know when
PikiKitty evolved to adult I don't know when.
PikiKitten hatched on April 17th.
PikiKitten evolved to teen on April 20th
PikiKitten evolved to adult on April 21st

Links: Unwanted creatures? Donate them right here!!! :

$__________$$$$_______$$__$____________ ____$


Creatures (7)


6 minutes ago

Ok, I clicked it like you said.

24 minutes ago

Thank you. Trade #858294

28 minutes ago

You can do a lower price, whatever you'd like. should i set up a common lot or something?

35 minutes ago

Clicked it, if you need any more help, come contact me !

48 minutes ago


2 hours ago

You just gave Custard one LevelUP Point. you don't need to give me money, hon

3 hours ago

Fed Piki!

4 hours ago


8 hours ago

Clicked! No need to pay me

9 hours ago

I clicked

9 hours ago


20 hours ago

She's adorable and clicked!

21 hours ago


21 hours ago


22 hours ago

Welcome >v

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