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27 January 2014
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Don't trust the little blue man by my status!

Fake egg @ thief shop. -8/11/16 11:26pm



And especially @mairbear for trading me a Nogar!!!

Simple Facts

Bday: Dec 24, Classified (<--- Made it so official XD)
Favorite Color: Blue (Any blue)
Favorite Animal: Horse
Favorite Food: Having a favorite food is possible?
Enough with "Favorite this and Favorite that"
Dislikes at Movies: People who wait for the quiet scene to open their candy
Dislikes in Public: Smacking
Dislikes About School: Students (People don't realize when you sit at school for 8hrs it makes you cranky)


Slurping your soda at the movies. What the heck. I was sitting at the movies...and the quiet suspenseful part comes and all you hear is "SLUUUUUUURRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" ....... "SLUUUUUUURRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP." I understand you want the last drop of soda but in that case take the lid off your dang soda and get the dumb drop that way!! And it wasn't one person slurping, it was 4 people! They were like 8-9yrs old but their mom did nothing and they sat right behind me in my ear T^T worst movie trip ever XDAlthough a very good movie lol
People Who Are Always So Darn Nice To Me
@satoshi818 (she quit but...she's still one of my besties)
@appleblizzard (Used to be my RP buddy XD my lil' blizzy

My Ultimate Loco Friends
@cloudslay3r and @skyfall4
*casually pokes both of them annoyingly*


You paid your debt

@cutiecake :Side for Commons/Monthlies/Hoards
???? <---- Building Secret Cove Pm to know what it is. -.- If you just thought about Pming me...I feel bad for you XD ITS A SECRET DUHHH CAN'T TELL WUAHAHA
I know I said no more wishlist....but technically this is @lightningpaws wishlist 0-0


Creatures (121)


19 hours ago

Nothing you have really interest me sorry.

1 day ago

I would like to keep my CRWs atm, but a Zalaeth would interest me. Currently I'm only willing to trade my Froplets, Clast, and Cobranch.

2 weeks ago

Trade #886669 how much for whole lot or each one

3 weeks ago

How much for Farsight and Moue005?

3 weeks ago

aijsa the Kyootie how much?

1 month ago

I offered on one of your lots because I used to own those creatures under a different profile name, would love to have them back. Thanks.

5 months ago

Paper airplanes spit balls and maybe loud children? And of course mud! Muddy hallways~ X3 Already starting to buy school supplies T^T

5 months ago

NoOOoOoO! I wuy you more! Hmmm..... *Looks at battle plans* Does he have any weaknesses? X3

5 months ago

I'll HALP fight the Principal! And I voted for ya because your my POTY X3 Derpyity Derp Derp~ I wuv you~!

5 months ago

so Northern Outer Space for.... how many creatures?

6 months ago

on second thought, I think I will keep the Star of Bethlehem, but how about 2-3 creatures for the Northern Outer Space?

6 months ago

is there like certain creatures I choose from or any of the cove creatures are fine?

6 months ago

I think 5 is fair

6 months ago

how many creatures will you trade if I offer a Star of Bethlehem and a Northern Outer Space

6 months ago

Hi, can you feed my Twobot?

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