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Okay, guys, stop. Number rule of trading Earthas: DON'T ASK FOR 200 CC OR MORE. Jeez. It's going to be in the CSP for 200 CC, so no one's going to buy yours for 200+ CC. >.>

28 December 2015
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If you're looking for someone to trade your for , then I'm your guy!

I don't always have UFT, but you can check down there.


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Fed splashnose

1 day ago

Fed splashnose

2 days ago

Fed feed list

2 days ago

Thank you so much for all the feeds~! Fed all back~

2 days ago

fed feedlist and monthlies back

2 days ago

Fed your list

2 days ago

Feedback List: @jeanne

2 days ago

~``~ Cruphoesia will be eating any comments above this line~! ~``~

2 days ago

"It's not what the eyes meet or see, but what the goat lands on the cheese." - Preston May 1, 2016

2 days ago

Sorry I've been so inactive. I've missed you a lot.

2 days ago

Thank you too! Maybe we can trade something else in the future =) Have a good day!

5 days ago

Ah, thanks so much! I'm going to try to name it after my tuxedo boy cat.

2 weeks ago

aw thank you! took me a solire i was pretty much attached to and some cc... as for the travel...it's a trinket travel for the soutenue

4 weeks ago

No prob! *Hugs*

1 month ago

X3 You're so nice! When's your borfday?

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