Please let me know if you want to trade chocolates. Cove 100% feed friendly :) 16 Feb 2019, 3:55 PM

31 October 2012
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I'd love to have my whole cove fed, but, in case you don't have time, you can feed just my Feed List.

If you feed my creatures, be sure I'll feed yours back. Feel free to add me as a friend, if you want!

A lot of travels and items UFT. If you're looking for a specific one, just let me know.
Some available:
Ghost Forest
Halloween Fairground Ferris Wheel
Maize Maze
Pile of Love Cards
Red Moon
Rose Garden

Side account: @patty2

UFT side account: @patty3

Creatures (478)


thedarkarcher • 1 minute ago

Thanks as well dear i managed to save up a lot with your help. When i get more ill be sure to send them your way

ajlizard • 5 minutes ago

Thanks for feeding

thedarkarcher • 6 minutes ago

Sorry dear this will have to be the last 50 i send as im really running low on them and i can't mass feed anymore.

bgunny • 16 minutes ago

Thank you!

mirime • 27 minutes ago

Thanks for feeding ^^ when I find a moment I'll fed back, I promise

bgunny • 34 minutes ago

Fed all! You have a beautiful cove!

pipkitten • 40 minutes ago

Sent 50 back

marner • 49 minutes ago

fed the list!

wigglytuff • 1 hour ago

Thank you! I'll send back and feed when I get home

thedarkarcher • 1 hour ago

Your welcome sweetie thanks for returning. If your happy to we can both continue to send large amounts? Its pretty quite for returns for me rn

kytten • 2 hours ago

Thanks, grinding up chocos to send back

the-v-squad • 2 hours ago

Thanks! I’ll feed back when I get a chance.

pipkitten • 2 hours ago

Sent mine! Let me know if you want to do another swap sometime

pipkitten • 2 hours ago

Sure, I'd be happy to do a 50:50 exchange!

valorie100 • 2 hours ago

Thank you for feeding & happy belated Valentine's Day

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