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21 September 2016
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My friend Klaus had a best friend in Russia and he died while staying at his post with his other comrades he was in the Russian Special Forces, may his soul meet his parents and siblings in heaven and may his soul enjoy his time with his parents and siblings (they all died before him) I don't care what you guys think about Russia but may his soul Rest In Peace.

Trying to find a Kepatio, and s Finti to put in the Royal Family
[X] Gantula Thank you @8-leggedfreak
[ ] Kepatio
[X] Finti Thank you @drop-shop!!

Don't ever use a bathroom in your dream, it's a setup.

About Me

Favorite DJ: Marshmello that's right Marshmello not Marshmallow. When there is nothing to do I usually play Video Games or play my Launchpad. Birthday: October 10th, I am currently 12 years old. I have my own YouTube channel and currently have 17 subscribers. Animals I like dog,wolf, and penguins. Food I like: Sushi, pizza, tea and pudding, and cookies there is more but it will take too long. Now we'll take you to larry with some quotes, take it away larry. Thanks john so the quotes are "If the cost is the lost of a life, then let it be mine and not that of my brothers. For it is he I fight for, it is he that i will die for", here's our second one "When you go home, tell them of us, and say, for yuor tomorrow we gave our today." I am 12 years old, I am shy at first, but after you know me my criziness goes up to 100 percent, and if you are the person that do crazy stuff you'll break me, my mind will not function.


(°◡°)۶ ٩(°◡° ) Cheers Mate


Side account: @scp_foundation

Creatures here are UFT except creatures in the Royal Family tab and some


[ ] Goldox
[ ] Biwo
[ ] Encolap
[ ] Vattone This is too cute T_T
[ ] Nym
[ ] Tawny
[ ] Heim

My first friend ever on eggcave is @valorie100 Thank you for being my first friend when I joined

Friends from school @hydradrakon and @slyriolu they both are kwel

Saving Private Ryan

Secret Accessible Keycard Requird

Creature tab translation

Königliche Familie = Royal Family
Infanterie = Infantry
General = General
Luftgetragen = Airborne

Creatures (222)


1 week ago

School started almost a month ago for me, how are you barely going back now??

1 month ago

That sucks dude, I could not live without my wifi lmao

1 month ago

Your power was out for two weeks? Yikes, that's not good. What happened?? Was it a storm?

2 months ago

The Durkmun is on the top of my list too! Join this, you might be able to win one! eggcave.com/forums/topic/66046?page=1

3 months ago

I have one in real life lol I was obsessed with it for a day, now I'm already over it xD

4 months ago

Hi! How are you? Did you get the new Cave creatures yet? Fed 60!

4 months ago


4 months ago

Yes, That would be awesome!

4 months ago

http://eggcave.com/forums/topic/64850 ~ PLEASE HELP, I will owe my soul to you if you do O.O (I am talking about trades but donations r nice

5 months ago

Yay, I knew you could do it

5 months ago

You can also navigate through the old site (after you click on a blue circle)

5 months ago

Go here and click on the different blue circles to see V1!! https://web.archive.org/web/20090701000000*/http://eggcave.com

6 months ago

Happy St. Patrick's Day ^-^

6 months ago

Start role playing its fun I will keep peer pressuring you then you will keep using the STOP method then I cry.

6 months ago


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