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Like a flower .... I rise in the morning, reaching out for the sun. It pulls me toward its rays and I give up the struggle and let it pull me away. Away from the darkness of the night before, away from the path of destruction once more.
Like a flower..... I smell the rain before it drops and look up, only to meet the first plop, right on my forehead it falls. Do I run?? ... No not at all. Embrace it, for rain is that thing that helps you feel whole, rejuvenated, pure.
Like a flower.... I am sensitive, turning colors to the slightest bruise. Quick to close and show no beauty. My beauty is like no others,my color is rich, this flower only blooms when there is no danger around to abuse it.
Like a flower.... I plant my feet on the ground and I am not quick to tumble over. I stand with my kind but have no problems with others.
Like a flower ... I die as the season changes ... only to come back stronger,more vibrant, and more beautiful than ever.
Like a flower... I smile when you smile and I make you feel welcome, my personality is sweet, I'm a wonderful person to meet. -Maria

(Thank you for reading my poem. 7-23-17 is my first day up here and so far so good. Feel free to visit and talk ... Like a flower .. I dont bite ... well some flowers that is. )