Countdown time! 7 days till my bday. And, I’ve been on Eggcave for exactly 11 months today. That’s crazy 7 Jul 2020, 6:14 AM

7 August 2019
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Okay I’m back 4 good, I couldn’t resist the new creatures...

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originalusername • 8 hours ago

Alright, well if you ever are, I'd definitely take you up on that!

originalusername • 8 hours ago

Sorry, I never replied to your message! If you are still seeking a tray, egg cavity says 3,100 but what do you think is fair?

surgeon • 2 days ago

Hey how was your 4th of July?

surgeon • 6 days ago

Omg i didnt even notice thee aurelian before but you're so right ;o these are the exact same creature, if anything I like the Aurelian better LOL

catpeejasmine • 6 days ago

One or the other, but yes.

libra • 6 days ago

Fed all.

blizzards • 6 days ago

Ahh, I just have some school problems right now but I'll try to drop in sometimes.

catpeejasmine • 6 days ago

Drakomo was offered on, but the Dilloton is still UFT.

surgeon • 1 week ago

Oof not the biggest fan either :/ The Testualm is probably my favorite but otherwise they're a bit too cutesy. What do you think?

galaxyleopard • 1 week ago

———- Cleaning Wall ————

skymoare • 1 week ago

sent a message

skymoare • 1 week ago

It's a lit game isn't it? Thought you'll like it XD. What's your user and ID? I don't know how I'm going to friend you, maybe through a message or something.... still trying to figure that out.

skymoare • 1 week ago

yeah, it's pretty neat I haven't played in a while, but it's a cool game. There's an event every month and the lion designs are amazing. Oooo there's also leopons, and tigons. If you have any questions I'll try my best to answer, but I just recently returned so I'm part noob XD

skymoare • 1 week ago

cool! Well ya see I just returned to playing this game called lioden. While I was chilling on that website, I realized that you might enjoy it too XD. I dunno why I was thinking about that, but ehh XD

skymoare • 1 week ago

hey, sorry to bother, but I just have a quick question. How do you feel about lions?

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