Plz feed my Duckbeak! She wants to evolve! 4 Apr 2020, 5:27 AM

7 August 2019
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aloe • 10 hours ago

Ah, sorry, I like your cove but I'm trying to save up for my wishlist

aloe • 10 hours ago

Hi! I'm looking for wishlist creatures, mainly a Greem ^^

topaz • 10 hours ago

since you enter from your main yes you are welcome too just don't enter from your side accounts!

awsomeprolisa • 11 hours ago

I love your tines

iia • 12 hours ago

Fed your duckbeak

topaz • 13 hours ago

thanks I so happy! I was crying, all my hard work pay off!

topaz • 13 hours ago

Hey i got my dreamy

Now I need to rebirth her and hatch her and freeze her stage 2.

topaz • 1 day ago

hey I have a lot of creatures for sale I really need cc!

fanficmelon • 1 day ago

tysm for the goldshard!

iia • 1 day ago

I would trade the wiggit for the soeztal and 7.5mil ec if that is ok (wiggit is frozen and starred)

snowkitties • 1 day ago

Sent a transfer to @dreamkeeper! 2 ringtails, a Frice and a Maser!

duckhunter • 2 days ago

Thank you and have a great day!

iia • 2 days ago

Fed yours too

iia • 2 days ago

I would be interested in ec...

snowkitties • 2 days ago

I'll offer when I get a bit more ec

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