LOCRIAN/Still seeking 400-500CC for EC and someone who sell me Jerob and Kakakuona. 21 Jun 2022, 12:06 PM

27 December 2020
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Ian. Or Voideater.

Noise and power-electronics music fan, love mesmerizing ambient sound and hypnotizing drone. Artist, writer, living human being. Drawing dark and weird things. Fan of old FPS games and horror movies. Extremely in love in heavy water.

Every few days I'm posting in status some awesome music bands, check out, they're really COOL.

Welcome to my alcove! I love all my creatures, writing cute and unusual descriptions to my sweetlings. Usually I walking through site and feed random coves, if u want to feed your whole cove - just add me.


We have protection of Leaf of Vaka but you can feel free to feed whoever you want. I'm feed friendly - for more, I LOVE FEEDING, just write on my wall if you need feedback.

NFT creatures, exept numbered -y-z creatures, they are free to sell.

PS: Dear users who ask do not feed their whole coves - if you accidentally find me please don't feed my alcove or you'll be banned forever. No exceptions, no tears, no questions. You don't get EC from my cove.

Also. Do NOT tell me how much time I must spent on playing this site, how I can get EC or CC or how obtaining something, I'm already adult, thank you. I have REAL life, hard job, and you have no idea how hard life level I have in my country, especially NOW. I hate to be rude. Thanks for attention.

I'm very friendly person but I'm also always staying myself, so do not expect from me forced politeness. If I don't want sell you something, or buy from you something, or dislike some art-style of creatures or DISAGREE WITH YOUR VERY IMPORTANT AND THE ONLY TRUE OPINION, it means I WON'T.

You could block me - I don't care, it doesn't change anything. I won't spent no quant of my time to block you back. Also I don't argue with immature personalities. I am what I am. Be respectful to others, even if their opinion is different.

Be kind.


Tiny wishlist:

- sughar (MY DREAM)
- pipitallo (oh, I really love bats too)
- jerob
- that strange goat Sabbomet


+ silvernot (thank you oil, it was so kind)
+ revii and many creatures I didn't hope to get (gecko, thank you so much for this)
+ sandrodon (metaphor I'm very grateful to you, thank you for this beautiful creature)
+ finti, threebot, tentader (laylamocha thank you for chance to get them)
+ terron (stefrawr thank you for this awesome gothic wonder!)
+ cachnid, geockard (megamisama90 it was so kind, thank you so much, I'll take care of them! you're magnificent!)
+ doppelganger (sybil_howlett, thank you so much for this wonder, you make me so happy! I'll never forget your kindness!)
+ leafly (nut you're magnificent, thank you!)
+ tindab (lexicon, thank you, I'll take care of him!)
+ taraxa (runa, thank you for him, he's so beautiful!)
+ huhu, drakimi (namyna, you're wonderful, thank you!)
+ cosmiathan (thank you so much cho!)
+ mothman (thank you bun!)
+ pumkit (thank you staceyswag u're awesome!)

Awesome guys < 33

Creatures (342)


murmurw • 13 hours ago

Thank you too & I’m glad you’re happy ☺️

murmurw • 13 hours ago

Here you go: Trade #1007846

murmurw • 13 hours ago

Yeah that’s fine with me! Give me a second to make the trade 😊

murmurw • 13 hours ago

Hi! I saw you were looking for a Jerob & I have one. What are you able to trade for one?

allydogfog • 1 day ago

Hi Ian! Thanks for feeding my cove. I fed your "We're hungry" section. Sorry about the missed feeds, I feed very messy sometimes.. ^_ ^

heatherm19 • 1 day ago

Omg thank you so much for the Dogfish!!

lunacharm1037 • 2 days ago

Hi thanks for feeding, fed all back 😊

murmurw • 4 days ago

Hi, yeah I am, thank you!! ☺️

mischu • 5 days ago

❤️ Fed all

twilightshine • 5 days ago

Thank you! Feeding back now 😊

swmystery • 5 days ago

Thanks for visiting my little forgotten cove (I've been away a while too and just started feeding some a few days ago.) ^^
~ SW

eijirokirishima • 1 week ago

thank you and i hope your having a good day too

ian_hives • 1 week ago

Hi guys. Soon I will change my username, don't get lost me!))

eijirokirishima • 1 week ago

Thank you ^^

eijirokirishima • 1 week ago

Ok, and thank you

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