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20 June 2011
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loumina28 • 2 days ago

Thanks a lot for trading!

loumina28 • 2 days ago

Here: Trade #938924

loumina28 • 2 days ago

Hello. I took a look into your cove. How about a Mimos, a Xovo and a Threebot for the Vleermus?

poptarts • 3 days ago

That amount is fine, I shall place the name up when I am able to have better access to internet. Thankyou. ^-^ It should be up tonight, I will mail you the link once the trade is up.

loumina28 • 3 days ago

I am interested in the Mimos! Perhaps we could do a Mimos + 1kcc or creatures and ec worth 1k cc?

valleries1 • 4 days ago

ah alright, the sammied is fine. Thanks

valleries1 • 4 days ago

hmm, no thank you. Can I do 100kec for the sammied instead?

loumina28 • 4 days ago

Sure! If you're interested, 2k cc should be fine.

poptarts • 4 days ago

Anything will do, I just go by how much you feel the name is worth. ^-^ I probably wouldnt go lower than 7,000ec.

valleries1 • 5 days ago

hmm, how much do you seek? Also is your sammied UFT?

poptarts • 5 days ago

How much are you willing to offer?

pouncessoftly • 5 days ago

Hello! Thank you for asking, but at the moment I'm totally broke after getting a few creatures xD I'll keep your message on my wall though, when I get some EC/CC I'll definitely be back for a closer look =)

valleries1 • 5 days ago

well, I believe that I still need Bunthoff, and Drakomo. But I would be more than happy to take another Aerlo, Yamamagan or Unhemn

ravenhills • 5 days ago

you have a lovely cove

peppermintcowboy • 1 week ago

Thank you so much! That was such a pleasant surprise.

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