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6 July 2012
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Hello there! You can call me Kimi. Add me as a friend; PM me if you need someone to talk to!

Dream Cove/Wishlist:

☆ Chiye ☆ Crystar ☆ Diment ☆ EeriekEroche ☆ Faymanita ☆ Flaren ☆ Flofbite ☆ Foglin☆ Goblar ☆ Goldox ☆ Gorri ☆ Halldrag ☆ KitepKnitten ☆ Leoaquar (frozen 2nd) ☆ Lyralopex (frozen 2nd) ☆ Manekii ☆ MewjesticMishqen ☆ Mummar ☆ Mushri ☆ Nogar ☆ Nyacos ☆ Olimpt ☆ OrnismentRannin ☆ Revii ☆ RouselSkrulline ☆ Spookcat ☆ Sylvern ☆ Tine (ultimate goal) ☆ Wicculin ☆ Xovo ☆

Also seeking:

☆Aerlo, Cotofly (10), Cranmon, Kettu (10), Sammied (10)

My entire cove is feed/click/view friendly, I'll return the favor . Side account: @kimichanx3side

Creatures (100)


achimenes • 8 hours ago

I'd love to! Maybe favorite games on the next topic? ~ I was just bout to tell ya goodnight! Thank you, and sweet dreams to ya too when ya get ya some sleeps! ^w^ ~

achimenes • 8 hours ago

You kidding!? You're the sweet bean! ;w; You're really nice, and I can't thank you enough for the lovely conversation today And thank you for thinking so.. ;u;

achimenes • 8 hours ago

(I hope that doesn't sound bad or anything! ^^' ) I was much different before I came back, but I've changed much over the years, and I want to incorporate a way to help others with the only thing I'm so-so at, the arts n' stuff. ^^)

achimenes • 8 hours ago

--- meet that goal! And if you ever decide to make a suggestion, and you ever need any help art wise, I'll be here to help ya along the way. ^^

achimenes • 8 hours ago

If no one has said it yet, I believe in you! Honestly and truly. Anyone willing to go the mile to contribute to anything they are passionate about are amazingly admirable. ^-^ There's so much potential you can work with here, and I truly believe you can ---

achimenes • 9 hours ago

--- absolutely amazing on the idea of the Heartagon! (Amoyrm) I'm honored they trusted me with taking their concept and twisting it a bit. ^^ I plan on doing much more into 2020, maybe some collabs here and there for the fun of it

achimenes • 9 hours ago

Ah, I get ya! I'm not good with technical stuffs either... ;w; I try for storyboarding, but it's meh sometimes if I can't find something to inspire me to keep it going! (It's all good! ^-^ ) And thank you so much! ;w; I'm really proud of them. Pretzel was ---

achimenes • 9 hours ago

(ACK! I just realized ya said ya didn't know what she would be goin' for oof...I apologize! Am super sleepy x3 Stayed up watching Mr. Jacksepticeye's Thankmas stream)

achimenes • 9 hours ago

Never done Twine! :0 Ahh that's so exciting!! I'm super happy for her! Do ya know what she might me goin' for? ( I haven't started my new job yet, but I will when I move So far, I'm just accepting art/pixel art commissions in the meantime! ~ )

achimenes • 9 hours ago

Yo that's awesome! I loved it! Finding a job for that particular subject is a bit rough, but maybe someday (Platformers are my favorite subject and genre to work with!) For now, I'm gonna be working at a shipping company whenever I finally get to move!

mairbear • 10 hours ago

Thank you for the Faunan, I like the fact that it was born Jan 1 ^^ I'll have to double check if mine was or else Imma swap them

mairbear • 10 hours ago

Hey! You've got an eartha for 450k, you could probably sell it for 500cc to the right person. But if not, at least 200cc! Just thought I'd point it out in case it was a pricing error ^^;

achimenes • 10 hours ago

Hm, not yet! I'm gonna try for another Tawny before it retires for, well, forever! (or if they do decide to re-release it! ^^) And sure thing! Don't worry about a thing on purchasing, Sending you an extra with!

achimenes • 11 hours ago

Ikr!! I'm super shocked the Foo was stocked into the machine, I thought they'd never do it! :'3

achimenes • 11 hours ago

I do often! Last month I think I got...600 completed ^^

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