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25 February 2018
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Profile Reconstruction!

Introducing myself :
Personality - awkward af
Likes - minecraft videos, art, books, writing, crafts, cats, cute stuff

The Orphan Queen, Jodi Meadows.

WL - Stage 2 Tific

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existence • 3 hours ago

Oh no! *cries* I don’t think I can make it lol

lexicon • 4 hours ago

Thank you!!! what a sweet comment ;o; there are so many pretty travels and I want to use them all but I'm running out of creatures!

lexicon • 6 hours ago

O: I WOULD WANT NOTHING MORE THAN A DANDELION CREATURE. If you need any extras hmu!! I have plenty to share lol

izziebee1017 • 6 hours ago

lyralopex stage 4

lexicon • 6 hours ago

Ahh I can see that!! With that perspective I kind of like the last stage! It's quite a unique creature overall. Tullum might be my favorite though it's so cute and weird lol

distorted • 6 hours ago

Sounds sweet. An Easter egg hunt sounds fun!

distorted • 6 hours ago

True! Is there any special event that happens on Easter on eggcave?

lexicon • 6 hours ago

Oh good!! I haven't looked yet at travels but I'm very excited for that! I don't think I like the Mull very much, it's hard to discern it's features but the eggs designs are *chefs kiss*

distorted • 6 hours ago


lexicon • 6 hours ago

Oh!! If you would like to know, I did happen to come across a little "cheat" so you can see all the creature stages early . I'm more than happy to share if you don't want to wait until they're revealed (like me hehe)

existence • 6 hours ago

I can access the trades yet ^^’

lexicon • 6 hours ago

These days are flying by!! What's your favorite so for?

existence • 7 hours ago

Thank you for the advice *takes notes*
I wish I could feed often! But I can’t consistently feed so I’ll just make sure to at least do it a lot on the 2nd Sunday every month!

And I’d love to adopt them!

lexicon • 7 hours ago

omg I've been averaging 50 cave attempts a day for all those little ones xox

distorted • 7 hours ago

Ceryneean are really pretty! Lol same! I have a HUGE pile of pretty travels and trinkets but I never use them >.

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