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15 June 2019
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This cave is feed friendly!

My birthday is June 20th, so I'm looking for June creatures. I love cryptids and spooky things!

hobbitfeet is my backup acct where I'll be putting my extra eggs. Some of them are UFT... THIS ACCOUNT, however, has NOTHING that's UFT. Sorry. I also don't trade for CC. If you're looking to trade for creatures, check my side acct. And if nothing there catches your eye, then I have nothing for you.

This is my About Me

IF YOUR CREATURES ARE NEAR DEATH and you want their health refreshed really quick, I can borrow them for a moment and fix them up for you c: Just PM me. I have Vaka's Leaf.

I would be impossibly happy to find any of these creatures: Florn, Hallowolf, Durkmun, Ghosty, Lovador, Kiinirit, Ghostar, Bufalus, Magval, Glutearat, Minoete, Mummar, , Reep, Sabbomet, Sepulcros, Sherth, Tamsi, Zinzall, Xetimas, Wisoki, Volcondor, Vampyr, Tuswine, Sweetoth, Gantula, Balrogipuwet, Reep, Kitep, Avem, Blobbart, Celehiro, Pupkin. Sherth, Diment, Gourdie, Lagcaous, Sidris, Faunan.

My wishlist keeps growing, lol! Maybe one day I can afford even half of them.

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mithmel • 4 hours ago

I fed 5 creatures.

mithmel • 2 days ago

I fed 5 creatures.

galaxyleopard • 3 days ago

Hi! Will you be a kind person and adopt any of @galaxyleopard s pets in the adopt tab? Only a small donation is required to adopt a set (1-20) which can be as little as 1k EC to as high as you like! All EC is used in adoption centers to keep pets happy! Feel free to share this!

mithmel • 4 days ago

I fed 5 creatures.

mithmel • 5 days ago

Thank you.

I fed 10 creatures.

kimichanx3 • 6 days ago

Fed all

chaos_skymoare • 6 days ago

I just got her as a gift. If you really want one, I suggest contacting my friend @valleries1

galaxyleopard • 6 days ago

Okay then I’ll come back to you after I’ve thought. I’m not looking for EC really.

galaxyleopard • 6 days ago

Hi! I have a Volcondor on your wishlist UFT. Is there anything you’d offer for it?

galaxyleopard • 1 week ago

Hi are you interested in joining my rp group?
Here’s the link if you are! https://eggcave.com/forums/topic/72331
I’d love to see you there

jello • 1 week ago

Hey, I'll buy your Texu for 2k each.

mystcdra • 1 week ago

Hope you like the eggs I gifted you. I try to stay true to a person's Wishlist as best as I can.

mystcdra • 1 week ago

Are you on Magistream as well?

galaxyleopard • 1 week ago

Okay that’s fine! Feel free to come talk to me or ask any questions!

galaxyleopard • 1 week ago

I won him from an auction not that long ago. 3 mill EC I got him for. Like I said he is tent but I’d love to hear your offer. Also do you have any cc for sale or do you know anyone who might?

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