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1 hour ago

Fed all! Sorry for not being around much... How ya doing? ^^

1 week ago

Oh oops! Here it is! Sorry for the super late reply ^^"

1 week ago

Hello Peeyu/Nulli UFT?

2 weeks ago

i will give you credit thank you

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Pami How much?

2 weeks ago

Hope you're getting better! Happy new year to ya! Hope ya accept my Christmas present down below~ Hope you like it!

3 weeks ago

how much for Pami

4 weeks ago

Sorry I've haven't been chatting with ya! Merry Christmas to ya!

1 month ago

No worries! I'm just easily stressed, its really that much homework ^^ And thanks! You can always rant to me whenever

1 month ago

Happy that i got the presenting afterwards and same I'm stressed as always ^.^ Feel ya! Science Fair... *sighs*

1 month ago

Is there any chance you'd take EC then? o x o If not, best of luck!

1 month ago

Fed all! I'm doing alright (my answer every time) have to present in front of people tmr T^T How ya doing? Hope you're doing better than me!

1 month ago

When I drive I drive over innocents and get five stars and run into bullets from cops XD Plus I didn't know how to find the gun button ^^"

1 month ago

Awes hope you're alright! I remembered trying to drive a car in GTA I was all over the place XD Mez okay! Today off but tmr school >

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