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@monsterprincess33 -Leaf of Vaka (I needed this a lot! Thanks so so so much!)
@wingedfox-For taking my favorite creatures so they wouldn't die.

I am:
Learning Spanish (Hola! Hello)
Addicted to computer
A Hydrokinetic

UFT storage: @nekogirls_UFT

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Orciel (1-5, got a bunch of good travels for them...)

CC (As much as possible )

I am a writer. And here is my book:

The Spirit Wolf

Chapter one starting life

The cave was dark. Wolves were howling under the moonlight. And the pack’s newborn cub felt fuzz on her soft fur. She sniffed the cave. A damp smell wafted into her nostrils. And for the first time, opened her eyes. Everything was dark. And she could hear stalactites dripping with water into a small puddle. A white face with glowing blue eyes glanced into hers, pausing the moment. The wolf howled towards the front entrance of the cave. The sound hurt the cubs ears.
The howling ceased.
“Now, what is your name?” The wolf said, turning her head to the cub. “Hmm… Lucky. That’s your name. Lucky. Because I am Lucky to have you.” She said nuzzling her pup in the head. The cub looked confused.
“Where’s my cub?” A male wolf walking into the cave said. A faint gray diamond marked his head. And it was easier to see because her new pack was white. Several others followed him in. Lucky turned and tucked herself into her mother’s tail, most definitely terrified, but got nuzzled out backwards. The wolf bent down, and studied her.
“I think she is the perfect wolf to one day be our leader. With a little bit of training that is.” He said licking her head, then standing tall.

*** *** *** *** ***

Loving the smell of flowers, sweet, sweet and sweet, Lucky jumped into a field of them. She had grown, and now hunting for her very first time (Even though she was two, and she wasn’t doing anything but playing). She poked her head up with a bunch of petals on her head and even one on her nose. She sneezed which blew it off. Then she saw a butterfly take the petals place. Ooh. She thought.
“Hi, winged thingy. My name is Lucky. What’s yours?” she said soft and kindly. It flapped its wings and flew off.
“Wait,” Lucky called shaking off flowers. “You didn’t tell me your name yet!“ She raced after it.
“No! Come back!” Lucky jumped, trying to catch it in her paws, but missed badly. She giggled. And continued after it.
“Charm!” her mother called.
“Can’t talk! I’m busy.” she called back, still running.
“There’s a fawn for you!”
“What? Really?” Lucky skidded to a stop and turned around. A paw reached out and stopped her a couple seconds later.
“Where is it? Where is it?” She asked rapidly, looking everywhere.
“You didn’t think I would scare it away with me calling for you.”
Lucky searched for an answer. “Umm… maybe?” Mother rolled her eyes. “I got news from the pack.”
“Oh.” Lucky said.
“Come now,” Mother said nodding her head to the east. “We have work to do.”


“There it is.” Mother said, focusing on a White-Tailed deer and her fawn, grazing on fresh, green grass.
“Now, when I say pounce, you pounce.” She said to Lucky who was right next to her. Lucky lowered her body like her mom.
“So, why do need to go low like this?” Lucky asked stalking forward with her mother.
“It’s how you hunt. And 3…2……POUNCE!” Lucky sprang off the ground and leapt at her mother’s signal. But also a little late. The mother deer looked up at her with her fawn following his mother’s example. Lucky closed her eyes, hoping she would make the leap. Her claws griped something soft and landed on the fawn that was now struggling in fear. By instinct, Lucky knew to bite the neck to stop its heart. She opened her jaws and bit his neck. The pumping legs stopped. The Doe glanced at her dead son with horror. Then the pack sprang into view landing on her, led by Luckys mom. The Doe panicked. And a wolf bit the it’s neck before it could kick Luckys mothers head. Its heart stopped and all was still. “Thank you, Drake.” She panted. “Your welcome, Silver.” Drake replied, slightly bowing his head. He bit one of the fawn’s legs and dragged it to the tall grass where they hid. “Who was that?” Lucky asked, trotting over. “Drake. He’s your father’s best hunter.” Silver said, not taking her eyes off him.

Chapter 2
The flood

Lucky stalked after Drake, who was climbing atop the mossy cave. Forest pine tree shadows left them with small patches of light. When she was close enough, she pounced onto his back. “Whoa! What was that?” Drake said, knowing it was Lucky while trying to sound surprised and trying to keep his balance. Lucky hopped down like a cat off a fence.
“Hey, I know you.” He remembered.
”yeah, you do. You saved my mom.” Lucky reminded him. He smiled at her.
“Want to go for a hunt?”
Charms face lit up. ”yeah, I do!” she let the bottom part of her front legs touch the ground with her rear up in the air with a wagging tail on top.
“Ok, then. What are we waiting for? Let’s go.” Drake said nudging her down the cave. She giggled, and slid down the smooth surface. Drake followed by walking down.
“Drake!” Silver called from inside the cave. They reached the bottom and stopped at the cave. “Do you know where Lucky is? Because I want to tell her you two can go for a hu-” She paused when Lucky hopped out from behind Drake.
“That’s actually where we’re going righty now!” She giggled. “I said ‘righty now.’”
“Yes, we are. We’re going to hunt some more deer for dinner.” Drake replied. “I think someone ate it all.” He glanced at Lucky.
“What?! It was yummy!” she said rubbing her belly, and feeling very guilty.
“Ok, then. Make sure she’s safe. And if something goes wrong, howl for the pack. We’ll be there. Now off you go.” Silver nudged Lucky away from the Cave.
“Ok. Bye, Mom!”
Lucky hugged Silver and went off with Drake.

Hours passed, and after the hunt, they dropped the deer off at the cave, then Lucky and Drake went exploring. Two mountains stood on either side of them. And though this was an old river bed, there were rock ledges on which Lucky climbed on the whole way. The white clouds grew darker. And rarely, a rain drop would fall on her nose. But Drake ignored the water, and stared at Lucky the whole time. She jumped down off a rock when she saw Drake stop moving and look ahead.
“Come on, Drake.” Lucky jumped onto his back and yanked his ears. He sniffed the air.
“Charm, we need to go. Now.” Drake said pulling away. He jumped to the lowest ledge.
“Why?” Lucky asked, tumbling off of him.
“There’s a flood coming.” He warned. Lucky gasped and jumped with Drake barely catching her by the scruff. He jumped a level higher. They heard a rumbling sound. Drake jumped again.
“Hurry, Drake.” Lucky panted. The flood came into view. Waves crashed against the stone walls. He jumped higher.
“Hurry.” The rain grew, getting cold enough it turned into hail. He was now two stories high. The hail started to hit them like rocks falling from the sky, knocking Drake off balance. The flood covered the dirt ground. He jumped again, drops from the flood splashed onto him causing him to lose his grip on Lucky.
“AHHHH!!!!“ She cried, as she splashed into the ice cold flood.
“Lucky!” Drake screamed, eyes darting around the murky water. But he could see no sign of her. Luckily, Lucky came to the surface and gasped for air.
“Drak-!” Her head fell under water again, but then came back up.
“Hel-!” Lucky moved her paws as much as she could to stay up. But failed every time. The current was pushing her down so it was much harder to breathe. But all the waves crashing into her did not help. Drake jumped from rock to rock trying to keep up with the cub. And finally, he stopped to pant and give up. Lucky heard a muffled howl from above the water, and saw Drake running after her. She closed her eyes to keep the water out, and passed out.

Chapter 3 Niko

Lucky felt as she just out-swam a shark. But thankfully, she was on dry land. With soft, white sand against her fur. Her eyes opened to see blue sky above her with white fluffy clouds. And a big round boulder to her right. She wondered what happened to her pack. Were they ok? Was Drake ok? Lucky could not stop thinking about him. Her pack. She closed her eyes again and fell asleep.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

When Lucky woke up, a male wolf looked her in the eyes. She glanced around to find herself in a forest and not a sand bar. Lucky looked at the strange wolf. “W….Who are you?” Lucky stuttered.
“I ask the questions here. Who are you?” He asked boldly.
“L….Lucky.” she answered.
“Why are you here?” the wolf asked.
“A….a flood brought me.” She answered. The strange wolf’s expression softened.
He tucked his snout under Luckys chest and helped her up.
Her legs wobbled underneath her. She was still trying to retrieve her strength. “Lost your pack, huh?” he asked. Lucky nodded, trying to focus on her legs. “You can join mine.” He offered.
Lucky smiled. “Ok.” She thanked.
“My name is Niko. What’s yours?”
“Lucky.” She replied.
“Whoa. That name has got to go!” Niko demanded.
“Why? What’s wrong with it?” Lucky asked.
“Nothing but that’s a cub’s name. You’re going to grow up soon. You’ll need a new name. How about, Mist.” Niko asked.
Lucky shook her head.
“Skye.” Lucky glared at him.
“Ivy. Fern.” Lucky tilted her head.
“Echo.” Lucky made a face.
“Luna?” Lucky smiled then made it fade.
“Ember?” At that name did Charms ears perked up. But Niko didn’t notice it. “What do you want, Lucky?” Luckys ears drooped.
“Who’s Lucky?”
“Uh… you are.”
“No. I’m Ember.” Nikos face grew a smile.
“Finally! You took so long! Now, let’s introduce you to my pack.” Ember nodded franticly. And Niko turned east and started to walk. Within about half an hour, Niko started up a mountain. And Ember slowed him down because he let her ride on his back. Niko stopped and fell under a tree.
“Are you ok, Niko?” Ember asked, jumping off before he landed.
“Yeah,” he answered. “Just a little pooped. I mean you riding on my back the whole really made me even more tired.”
“you mean like: I gotta go do my business, pooped?”
“No... I mean I’m tired.”
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Ember helped him up.
“Come on. The sooner we get there the sooner you can rest. And the sooner I can meet more wolfs and can hunt.”
“Ok. Let’s go.” Niko said nudging Ember up the mountain.

Chapter 4
A new pack

After another 30 minutes, Niko and Ember reached a clearing with a circle of trees surrounding it. And the ground was no longer a ramp. It was flat land.
“Stay here.” Niko ordered, keeping Ember in the trees.
“Ok.” She replied, watching Niko enter and disappear in the cave. The air was slightly damp, and she could hear a flowing river. After she took in enough of the damp smell, she heard Niko call: “Ember! Come here! Now!” And she sprang out of the trees without thinking, and hit a wolfs leg.
“Who’s this?” the wolf asked in a grandfather-like voice.
“Oh, so sorry about that, Fang.” Niko apologized, pulling Ember away by the scruff.
“No, its fine, Niko. I may be old, but I’m also younger then you think.” Being farther away gave Ember a better view of the old wolf. He was grey with small white fur marks, and more fur around his neck, making him look like a lion. And his
“Fang!” a female wolf walked out of the cave, looking all around the clearing.
“You said we would have a new pack member. But when will they get…..” her gaze fell onto Ember. She gasped with excitement, and ran over to greet the cub. “Nyx. Shouldn’t you be hunting?” Fang snapped.
She bowed her head and tilted her ears back. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to meet the new cub. I’ll get back to it now.” She bowed, and walked away into the dark cave.
“Now, what is your name young one?” Fang asked Ember.
“She already has one.” Niko blurted. “It’s Ember.”
“Well then.” Fang replied. “Want to meet my pack?” He asked, bowing his head to her level. “Sure!” Ember cried happily.
“Come along, cub-“
“Ember.” She reminded him.
“Ember. Come along, Ember.” Fang looked at the cave. And Nyx trotted out followed by at least 14 or 15 others. A few of them seemed like teenagers. The others were adults with hyper cubs trying to follow them. But failed badly from being told to stay in the cave. And a couple whimpered.
“Is this your pack?” Ember asked.
“Yes, it is.” Fang replied. “And I am they’re leader.” He said proudly. “Pack! This is our new member! Welcome Ember!” Wolfs came forward and formed a line.
“Welcome, Ember, to our pack.” Said the first wolf, nodding.
“Ember, meet Lotus. He is second in command.” He said eyeing him, and giving him the look of: Get back into the cave, and watch those cubs. Nyx came in second. “Welcome.”

(I need to do more.............. But what do you think?)

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skymoare • 1 week ago

hey sorry to bother again, but is your Clorgi UFT? I can wishlist creatures

skymoare • 21 Nov 2019, 4:13 PM

also, is your Wackalama UFT?

skymoare • 19 Nov 2019, 11:24 AM

hello there, I have a Hinonia, Leafly, Battyrus, Grisal, Saurogapi, and Eartha UFT. Are you still seeking them?

galaxyleopard • 7 Nov 2019, 12:59 PM

Hey! I have a Leoaquar and a Haunlupe UFT. Are you interested? I’d like CC/ EC or any Creatures if interested .

bgunny • 10 Oct 2019, 5:18 PM

You were given a trick!

bgunny • 2 Oct 2019, 11:49 AM

You were given a treat!

bgunny • 1 Oct 2019, 5:07 PM

You were given a treat!

Thank you for coming! Feel free to come again in a few days.

stevepat2002 • 31 May 2019, 6:44 PM

Sorry but that is not on my wishlist, nor is it worth 2.5k cc :C

arcana • 31 May 2019, 12:20 AM

Hello! Haven't talked to you in awhile, but I have a book I'd like to recommend! If you've already read it, then I'm sorry, but the book is The Girl From Everywhere. I don't know your other reading interests, but I personally love it! Going to read the second KOTLC book soon!

articfox • 18 May 2019, 2:50 AM

Hehe, thanks!

littletigrpaws4 • 14 May 2019, 5:11 AM

And third part

littletigrpaws4 • 14 May 2019, 5:10 AM

I only read the first chapter but it's really good so far ( from what I read )! also I think I might of found a typo or something because Lucky's name changes to charm in the second part of chapter one.

bgunny • 13 May 2019, 3:59 PM

That's cool! I read it. It's interesting. Are you going to write more? I'm also writing a story about wolves. Would you like to see it? I haven't written anything new in a long time. I'm having trouble with writer's block.

bgunny • 13 May 2019, 3:26 PM

My favorite land animal is a wolf, but black panthers are also really cool in my opinion. Favorite sea animals is obviously a jellyfish. My favorite air/bird is either an owl or peregrine falcon. I don't know. They're both really cool.

bgunny • 13 May 2019, 3:16 PM

Oh cool! What's your favorite animal? Do you know a lot about jellyfish? My favorite jellyfish is called the immortal jellyfish. They grow and then instead of dying they become their polyp stage again. Of course, they could die if they contracted an illness or were eaten.

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