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25 February 2018
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❀ ✿ PLAYERⲘⲞⲤⲎⲀ345 ✿ ❀
(っ◔◡◔)っ Hello, my name is Ⲙⲟⲥⲏⲁ.
Side Account: @miastone543
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Gifts :Chocolala the Choconom
Winner of the Erthona CDWC: -AuroazEarth-
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List of Creatures I hope to obtain:
Endangered -Aerlo
Thief -Soetzal -Akrep -Cactower -Dilliton -Foxfly -Kambing -Jerob -Reidea -Shawloot
Retired -Candit -Ott -Quetki -Tuswine -Zubflug -Messoh -Koin -Pogknot -Poibleu -Drollo -Spoto -Pachuma -Burdrah -Zanaize -Minoete -Qutten -Messoh
In a way.. All the Creatures will be MINE! One of each only ,of course.
This is not Noah's Ark.XD
I pledge to try my best and save the endangered animals. By donating, conserving, and learning, we can do it together! -#ECC pledge
"No matter if the creature is unattractive, not high on demand, easy to find, or is a waste of money, I love this creature. Even with its flaws and hate towards it. Even if no one else likes it. I love this creature with all my heart." -#WLAC Pledge

~ ŋơῳ Ɩɛɬ ɬɧɛ ąɛʂɬɧɛɬıƈʂ ƈơɱɱɛŋƈɛ ~

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calenlass • 1 hour ago

I guess you could pay 50cc for it if you really really want it.

wild_wonders • 7 hours ago

thank you so so much!!

missdream • 8 hours ago


wild_wonders • 8 hours ago

omg u sure??

loveyoumore • 8 hours ago

I have some creatures for sale

the-v-squad • 9 hours ago

I have 300 CC and 2 mil EC

the-v-squad • 10 hours ago

Yeah, the game isn’t really fun anymore… by any chance, do you have a social media platform called Amino? I’d like to still keep in touch with the friends I made here

the-v-squad • 10 hours ago

I’m only selling things right now to get the EC I still need. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging.

calenlass • 10 hours ago

Heh, between finding Easter eggs here and my other online game site, DragCave, imma outta mah mind soon

calenlass • 10 hours ago

If it'll help find me the Easter eggs, I'll look at the moon too...

loveyoumore • 13 hours ago

I have some star creatures I can sell you for 250kec.

luckystar19 the Floicol

starredpuff the Puffup

loveyoumore • 13 hours ago

In my trade center all my creatures I for sale total is 39,400,00kec I need 25,000,000 or 2.5kcc

I have more for sale on my side account

missdream • 1 day ago

Hello! My cantik was a gift and I would feel bad to change it, thanks for the offer anyway

missdream • 1 day ago

Thanks so so much for the creatures!! I'm very grateful

missdream • 1 day ago

Feed some of your creatures

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