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shadowfaxe • 2 days ago

Hello fren, I'm broke again...

^^^ that rhymes haha

but I'm still broke ;w;

wererage • 3 days ago

Thank you very much! Didn't though I'd be able to get it, tbh. owo

wererage • 3 days ago

I actually made just 500k yesterday, and I'm feeling less motivated today as well. c': Well, anyways... have fun reading, and hope you have a pleasant day!

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

Thats really kind but i couldn't offer you so much lower in difference to its value it just seems wrong.

wererage • 3 days ago

I mean, you'd like someone randomly telling you your way of doing things it's dumb, like their own is above everything else? I don't think so, haha. x)

wererage • 3 days ago

Well, I'm not saying you have to accept other people's point of view, mind you... you're your own person with your own thought. I'm just saying... we should think "well, I wouldn't do that, but If they want to do it it's fine, it's their own thing, it's not dumb".

wererage • 3 days ago

It's not dumb, haha. Everyone has their own opinion, just because someone thinks differently we don't call their idea dumb. We just have different tastes from them. Always respect other people's point of view. As for the rest mmh, I agree. Wish EC was more easy and fun...

thedarkarcher • 3 days ago

Hello dear, Thanks so much for you incredibly generous offer but im afraid that i only have around 700k on me at this moment

wererage • 3 days ago

As for your question, before on the site the rebirth potion didn't exist, and creatures frozen in egg stage weren't worth just their price + 200CC, but, like, 1000+CC more. So lots of people used to freeze their eggs for retrading purposes. c':

wererage • 3 days ago

Some of them were frozen in child or teen, but I swapped for eggs to help people out get their desired stages. I like evolved creatures most too...

wererage • 3 days ago

Awesome! *w*

wererage • 3 days ago

Oh nonono, I'll still be there, it's just too much work to collect the CSPs every month, as an user who can't afford CC. xD I'm gonna just... take it easy, and re-organize coves... and keep hoarding tasma. And duly noted!

wererage • 3 days ago

*panics for the absence of feedlists* I suppose... no feeding here anymore?

jello • 3 days ago

casual, completely cool reminder to c h i l l

christine13531 • 3 days ago

Mystic Messenger players unite~
I love the fanbase; it's so wholesome :b

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