Plore! I got a Plore.. It's a Plore~ Now, I want to trade my Drem for a Lovart. Also, anyone have a Lissam UFT? 14 Jun 2019, 10:04 PM

25 February 2018
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calenlass • 4 hours ago

Just had fruits, not very hungry.

calenlass • 4 hours ago

Spent my day working, just came home 1/2hr ago.

thedarkarcher • 5 hours ago

fed all

anarchy • 11 hours ago

Fed both lists

shadowfaxe • 17 hours ago

Hey, friend!

icedragon3000 • 19 hours ago

Hi, fed short feeds A

angel_side • 21 hours ago

Aw, thank you so much ;;

chihiro_sang • 1 day ago

fed some

shadowfaxe • 1 day ago


angel_side • 1 day ago

Can you tell me how much you would actually want? Cause im really bad at values and dont wanna underoffer lol

rabbitwanter • 1 day ago

thank you so so much for the travel

stateofloveandtrust • 1 day ago

i got the transfers tyvm i apprciate it . that was very nice of you.

angel_side • 1 day ago

Hi, would you take ec for a Shengxiao and a giramint from your uft account?

umbregrl • 1 day ago

fed 50

smartie2742 • 2 days ago


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