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14 hours ago

Hey again haha, either CC or some sort of creature. Maybe a really good EC offer but I'd prefer the other things.

20 hours ago

The lot is up

1 day ago

Lol, alrighty, thanks!

1 day ago


1 day ago

But you're the best to chat with, you always make me smile.

1 day ago

You were a boy no offense. Like degong's a girl.

1 day ago

I'm tall in real life. Yes, I am saying you're small. Your username says that you are a popcorn flake, not popcorn queen. Oh, and I thought

1 day ago

Wait, your profile changed a lot. You're only a tiny popcorn flake though. XD LOL XD XD XD I don't know why I did JK. I'm used to it XD XD

1 day ago

LOL JK XD hahahahahahhahahahhahaha

1 day ago

Eh. I wouldn't care.

1 day ago

XD yeah, IDK if you'd interested in the zebbit + 100cc + 100k ec maybe?

1 day ago

BTW: just to let you know, here is a 2nd stage https://eggcave.com/egg/2099146

1 day ago

I stole it because I like your profile. It's the only one that... has the really cute people and is... different.

1 day ago

Eh, life is hard. Get used to it.

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