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To be updated soon~

All creatures in this cove are NUFT don't ask!

However most names are uft just ask!

Dream Wishlist~Trisk is my one and only dream creature, this may sound crazy but I like a Trisk more than an Onny, Tine, or Yuki combined any day ( Achieved!!! Omg!!!!!!! )

Dream Wishlist Worth and Status: Complete and worth 5.5k to 7k cc

Casual Wishlist(The difference between my Dream and Casual Wishlist is that I'm not actively looking for these creatures but might want them if I have enough cc at the right time . )

(Not In Order~)
Eggcave Peeps
@hellodecember, @hellobeautiful, @creaturesanctuary

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justagiannamoment • 9 hours ago

Hi, yes I do, I also have an over abundance! I have over 5k still

mithmel • 4 days ago

I fed your creature.

hellodecember • 1 week ago

Hey change the stuff in shop for 500.000 I will offer on it so you can send me the 50cc

izziebee1017 • 1 week ago


izziebee1017 • 1 week ago

no problem!

izziebee1017 • 1 week ago

go to where you view your own eggcavity wishlist, and at the top there should be a part that says: to share your wishlist with others use this link

izziebee1017 • 1 week ago

hey just letting you know your wishlist link to eggcavity doesn't work. unless that's intentional, and you're just linking it so you can see your own.

hellobeautiful • 1 week ago

Hey I sent you some creatures for your side account! for group

murmurw • 1 week ago


murmurw • 1 week ago


murmurw • 1 week ago

Here you go: Trade #977460

Sorry for making it late ^^” I had suddenly had a flood of notifications come in lol

murmurw • 1 week ago

Sure! I’ll make a trade in a sec

hellodecember • 1 week ago

Omg I want to cry
Nov 1st is my mom Bday
Thank uuuu

hellodecember • 1 week ago

Thank u.

scout • 1 week ago


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