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🥡: Creatures Requiring Feeds
Hey I'm @s6and (Main) & @sand (Immortals)
I love virtual pets, tech, and more!
I'm from the year 2000
I love spinach like Popeye.
If you're in a gifting mood.. I love Dragons 😉
Please don't post on my wall* I feed back if fed**
Special Thanks and Mentions:
@quiet Thank you so much for the several gifted dragons you are amazing and I cherish them!
@ravensong Thank you for keeping my creatures alive when I got off for a week there after I joined!
@dragiggy Thank you for all the dragons they are so beautiful and I will immortalize them!
*If you do, please delete it. Sometimes people do or forget to delete, but I will delete it no issue as this is just to prevent most cases.
**I might indiscriminately feed back ALL of your creatures. Shoot me a dm if you wish me to stop. I will try to do my own due diligence to look at others tab names and bios before I click away.

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s6and • 4 days ago

Our time is running out...
Ticking clocks waiting for our final hour.
Our time in this world is so short.
Out of everyone, I spent my time on you.
Don't take that lightly.
Any time I spend with you is time we will never get back.
Time is finite. Always running out.