congrats @athanasia for winning my ga and thanks to everyone who joined :) 4 Aug 2022, 10:19 PM

27 November 2015
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thanks for dropping by, i'll leave you with this cute lil commission
by @yts ❤️ (

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athanasia • 5 days ago

Thank you so much! That is very generous of you 😊

cranberrycat1 • 5 days ago

Congrats 🎉 for you profile creature reaching its final stage

allydogfog • 5 days ago

hi!! abt the giveaway on trades- so i saw you offered an itea which is very kind of you but it is a giveaway and i was wondering if youd like to withdraw and offer smth less in value? I mean the itea is very pretty, but id be totally fine w a item instead of a creature :-)

wonder404exe • 6 days ago

fed- it evolved-

jacoewhi • 1 week ago

Fed your Folaurum!

wonder404exe • 1 week ago


twilightshine • 1 week ago

Messed up and fed from my side accidentally-just popped in to say I didn't enter from my side as well.

wonder404exe • 1 week ago

Oh shoot i have to say i fed- i Fed it everyday from the start of the giveaway- i think :'D FED

twilightshine • 1 week ago

Forgot to post, but I did feed your Folaurum!
Do you know how many people entered the giveaway? I thought it wasn't many people, but now I'm curious at my chances of winning!

kittymimi • 1 week ago

Fed your Folaurum

zoruna • 1 week ago

I fed your Folaurum, thanks for the chance ^^

icecream • 1 week ago

Fed your Folaurum ^^

cranberrycat1 • 1 week ago

Question do I have to post that I fed your creature every day but I am feeding it every day

mieumyau • 1 week ago

Hi! Fed your Folaurum and your feed list 😸

cranberrycat1 • 26 Jul 2022, 3:54 PM

Fed your Folaurum

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