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27 November 2015
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heatherm19 • 1 day ago

Offered, thank you very much! 😊

thedarkarcher • 1 day ago

Hope you enjoy the rest dear, sometimes it just nice not to have any plans. No not really just working, I've been a bit unwell the last couple of days so like yourself I'm hoping to rest up over the weekend ❀️ ohh the concerts sounds fun, who are you seeing?

heatherm19 • 1 day ago

Hello! How much would you want for 'Ididic the Diablos' and '__Natharia the Nathare' from @fantasy5? Hope you have a good day! 😊

thedarkarcher • 1 day ago

Oh hope you enjoy your week break, I know from previous conversations how hard you work. Do you have anything planned for your break?

bunnynw • 1 day ago

oh its okay I understand thank you so much anyway 😊

grumpz • 3 days ago

Thank you so, so much. Off to find a nice scene for them. This really made my day. Especially the Pinyanda. I love red pandas and this one is just awesome. Let me know when I ever have something you missed - this really made my day, thank you 😊

spell • 3 days ago

Accepted, thank you! And I will think about those and get back to you ^^

grumpz • 4 days ago

Alright, I'll give it a try. These caught my eye, have seen them while clicking and loved them πŸ˜ƒ - seems rare tho - no need to give it away 😊

grumpz • 4 days ago

Aw, that's really nice of you. Thank you! I always feel bad taking those offers as I'm not familiar with the real values yet, only the ranking. I'm a true collector on pet sides so if you have one that isn't wanted und the worth isn't high I'm happy to give them a new home πŸ˜ƒ

grumpz • 4 days ago

You are welcome. Have a nice day 😊

thedarkarcher • 4 days ago

Your welcome dear, im not too bothered about the stage anyway so it might as well go to someone who needs it ❀️. Im good thanks just on my 15min break at work. How about yourself? how have things been?

thedarkarcher • 4 days ago

Yeah that's understandable dear, thanks for letting me know ❀️

spell • 4 days ago

I don't think I would trade Talent unless it was for an absurd amount like 1k CC or something, sorry!

spell • 4 days ago

Sorry, I was just thinking the offer over ^^ I would trade them both for the Astreaven Trade #1033514

bunnynw • 5 days ago

Of course I understand lovely! Just because regardless I don’t think I actually even have any of the other creatures that are listed as HP on your WL πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ so unless there was something else you’re interested in my storages please lmk 😊 ❀️

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