running low on cc again haha oh god 23 Feb 2024, 11:25 PM

27 November 2015
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mastergemma • 10 Feb 2024, 12:54 AM

Beautiful cove!

suzanab • 9 Feb 2024, 11:32 AM

I adore the Bunvun, thanks ❤️ Awesome job!

prairie • 7 Feb 2024, 12:17 PM

The palette tab is GORGEOUS 😭❤️

sm0395 • 5 Feb 2024, 7:34 AM

Hi! remember about the hyinda u want? I have set up a trade for that also I have a lot of people going for it so it's an open trade, best offers will be accepted
~Have A Great Day 😊

saturna • 3 Feb 2024, 11:42 PM

Yeah, I think I can accept that ^^

prettyiggy • 3 Feb 2024, 6:53 PM

Hi senkou, I did a trade with you/epiphany last week & I meant to ask, since you had a good grasp on trading, is there a standard correlation between the cc worth of a creature and it's equivalent in ec, or does it vary? fed some 🍓

froot • 2 Feb 2024, 8:46 AM

my goodness it must be so tough for you to be the subject of so much discussion sob emoji
hope you're alright!! ❤️ love and hugs

decay • 2 Feb 2024, 6:58 AM

Hey!! I've been coming to Eggcave every so often for nostalgia haha! I don't really stay too long (: Thank you!! Hope life has been treating you well too (:

sylvanaria • 2 Feb 2024, 6:14 AM

Thank you!

froot • 2 Feb 2024, 3:10 AM

we were still brainstorming but we've both agreed that we'd rather divert our energy elsewhere lol.
personally i've never been one to take sides, i've always been a mediator, but i've gotta say that i'm agreeing with lots of people's takes in ida's forum topic

froot • 2 Feb 2024, 2:13 AM

congrats on your creature getting made! although frosting did inform me of the discussion in the recent forum post lol and i gotta say. i really feel for you ☹️ it's a difficult situation
we were going to make a joint creature suggestion but on second thought maybe we won't

saturna • 2 Feb 2024, 12:24 AM

(Sorry for late reply) I do have a female, yes. By any chance, do you happen to have any extra Myrthalic? It's the only CRW fairy I wasn't able to find

crystalshard • 1 Feb 2024, 11:02 PM

Nope you can keep the mo 😊 (Sorry for the late reply, totally missed your message until now)

sm0395 • 1 Feb 2024, 8:36 PM

no problem, you're welcome! I hope for the best outcome in this situation 😊

shirothekittehlover • 1 Feb 2024, 10:32 AM

No problem..

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