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6 February 2017
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Hey there! Call me Silkenoid, Silk, or just buddy/pal/chum. Recent college grad, bit of a homebody. I like playing Animal Crossing and baking bread : )

I joined Egg Cave in 2017 and left for a long hiatus throughout college. As such, a lot of my old cove has perished, but if you would like to revive a creature and take it home (no charge except for the revival cost), check out this forum of mine.

If you're also in need of a bit of EC or a feed, let me know! I'll do my best to help out.

Hope everyone has a lovely day. Stay healthy, stay funky fresh.

About trades:
Generally, creatures in tabs won’t be UFT, and creatures not in tabs are—but don’t be afraid to ask! Everything is fair game. Egg cave is about having fun and collecting/exchanging!

Creature Wishlist (in order of priority):
Ignalt (stage 3)
Reptvile thank you @shrimp ❤️
Whirlz (stage 2) also thank you @shrimp ❤️

Side Account(s):
@milkenoid (commons)

Creatures (80)


silvia • 2 days ago

Fed, have a good day. ✨

silvia • 1 week ago

Fed, have a good day. ✨

solaris • 1 week ago

Fed everyone! 😊

mocang • 3 Apr 2024, 11:12 PM

fed all

solaris • 3 Apr 2024, 9:51 PM

All fed! 😃

mocang • 2 Apr 2024, 12:31 PM

fed all

backwoods • 1 Apr 2024, 5:13 AM

Hi! Yes, the offer is still up. I would be happy to make that trade 😊

Trade #1047179

silvia • 1 Apr 2024, 4:58 AM

Fed all, have a good day. ✨

jlya • 30 Mar 2024, 1:20 PM

Haha! XD And I wish the same for you, soldier. *salutes*

sherl0ck • 30 Mar 2024, 7:15 AM

fed all with 2x feed stats ❤️

jlya • 29 Mar 2024, 2:14 PM

I hope so too! I do love fresh air. I'm not sure what all my allergy triggers are. But right now all the Bradford Pear trees are blooming and those always get my sinuses raging :')

jlya • 28 Mar 2024, 3:30 PM

It must have worked! 65F and sunny out today 😃 Maybe the cold has finally left us alone for a minute. The allergies never leave though xD

silvia • 28 Mar 2024, 10:57 AM

Thank you very much, fed back all. Have a good day. ✨

silvia • 27 Mar 2024, 12:55 PM

Fed all, have a good day. ✨

jlya • 27 Mar 2024, 12:18 PM

@status Aw, that sounds lovely! Can you bring some of that over here? The season we have right now is called Freezing Cold and Allergies xD

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