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20 November 2016
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anarchy • 1 day ago

I thought I kept hearing "Neopet" in Cat & Dog but I'm sure that must be wrong Oh yeah it's sad when an artist can't find their audience, though there's always a chance for them to break out eventually ^^ 
Yeah the Side Effects thing was cool, never heard anything like it

anarchy • 1 day ago

Oh my parents say the same thing about Chinese products too lmao. Though I'm pretty sure half the stuff they bought me growing up was made in China xD
From your recs I liked Shine and Punk Right Now the most ^^ 

anarchy • 1 day ago

The reverse of that can be pretty scary too, fiction written as if it's non-fiction. Though I guess that's literally what a lot of creepypasta is lmao

anarchy • 1 day ago

Ah gotcha, that sounds pretty strange Maybe it could be stress related or something? Or like a weird form of sleep paralysis? I used to get that when I was younger and it would sometimes come with some freaky hallucinations ^^"

anarchy • 1 day ago

Yeah, "you're your own worst critic" and all that ^^" I looked up who Lance was and for some reason I was expecting someone with blue skin xD And yeah I might binge it when I get a free weekend or something, it looks really cool ^^ 

anarchy • 1 day ago

Yeah it started to feel like a hassle for me too. Probs the reason I took a break from it lol. I'm usually fine talking on the phone, unless there's other people around watching me. Then I feel super awkward and forget how to talk ^^"

wererage • 2 days ago

Fed all.

chronophobica • 4 days ago

feeding back!! thank you so much

anarchy • 1 week ago

Fed everyone back!
And thanks You have an awesome cove yourself! ^^

anarchy • 1 week ago

Oh and I listened to the Stray Kids songs you mentioned - I Am Not was nice, but a little slower than what I usually listen to. Side Effects was so interesting tho! I thought it was cool how they sampled a pharmaceutical ad during the chorus o.o It's strange but in a good way ^^

anarchy • 1 week ago

Oh really? That's pretty strange, do you know why your parents are against china? Ooh I'll check out all of those for sure ^^ Do you know Lim Kim by the way? She's another kpop artist with music I like but I don't think she's released stuff in a while :x

anarchy • 1 week ago

Oh yeah I've seen people dismiss kpop just because its like... not mainstream western music :/ But at least it seems like it's been getting some traction lately, what with Blackpink playing in Coachella and all ^^

anarchy • 1 week ago

Yeah I can't get into non-fiction either. It's usually too boring for me. There is one non-fiction book I enjoyed tho (The Disaster Artist) but the way it was written was so interesting and story-like that it almost felt like fiction xD

anarchy • 1 week ago

Yeah I think it's super brave of people to publish their work like that. Woah that sounds really freaky Is that like a vision, or do you actually see it happen in front of you? The brain can be pretty strange sometimes o.o

anarchy • 1 week ago

Ooh what's your Voltron fanfic about? It's always nice to get good reviews and know people are into your work ^^ I've never seen Voltorn, but I literally found out like 2 days ago they had an lgbt protag so now I kinda wanna check it out :')

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