8 April 2013
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soy • 7 May 2023, 10:26 PM

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 9:16 PM

i kinda want to make that account truly terrible and then like just run with it and see how long it takes before ppl realize. i dont think they ever will

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 9:15 PM

"And my name is Jack and "Jack" rhymes with "Track" so I am beautiful by default. Stop hatin'. Y'all are just jealous that I'm beautiful and ladies flock to me" and spoke only in third person? What could have POSSIBLY prompted this.,,

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 9:10 PM

OH wait art camp me was even more dumb and pretentious. ye in 2016 people were pooping @ the trump tower, was not nearly as nice. also how much more gross can i make @boy. I just want it to exude the energy of the original, even though it will never be as great

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 9:04 PM

watER ...PRETTY. walking under bridges COOL. architecture is my passion. honestly i dont freaking know 18 yr old me was so dumb and pretentious lmfao

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 9:02 PM

Also ew what kind of basement dwelling cretin wrote that? I just picture in my mind someone who also listens to tyler the creator's flowerboy and I'm gonna keep it at that. just a nice wholesome boy. Also I'm thinking of turning @boy's profile into modern art again uwu

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 9:00 PM

All I knew about donald trump in 2015 was writing very specifically about how I loved walking by the trump tower on the way to class in chicago and OOF that did not age well

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 8:54 PM

ALSO WOW I NEVER EVE N THOUGHT OF THAT. WHAT does soyboy even mean? Cuz it sounds cute and wholesome like an eboy who volunteers at a farmer's market

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 8:53 PM

U know those cursed old photos where there may or may not be a ghost in the background or just a weird lighting spot but it's sorta creepy? That comment registers to me as the emotional equivalent of just eating the entire photograph. Overall a terrible idea, EXTREMELY CURSED.

doveveve • 17 May 2020, 8:48 PM

ERES SOY. puedes decir SOY SOY. I like this name a lot this is great and cute!!?!!? ALSO SOY NUT. but also why the heck are there two comments here both are terrible, and the donald trump posted before disaster is honestly haunting

peppermlnt • 21 Sep 2015, 6:00 PM

d͎̥̙o͍̱͚̣̞̟̰ṉ͇̬͈͉͚a̹̩͉̖͕̫l̞̥̳̙d͓͈̪͔ ̫t̖̘̫r͙u̲ͅm͇̺̠̬̯p̠̣̜̙̫̗̖

periwinkle • 29 Apr 2013, 6:29 AM

You got another one? Ugh go crash and burn you' re not even Japanese so you're like Harini pretending to be from Afghanastan.