“Tom raised his eyebrows. “Master Benedict keeps cannon fuse?” “We use it to light things from far away,” I said. “You know,” Tom said, “things you have to light from far away probably shouldn’t be lit at all.” ― Kevin Sands, The Blackthorn Key 14 Jan 2019, 8:49 AM

31 August 2016
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Feel free to feed creatures, but no need, since my cove is now protected by the Leaf Of Vaka

Riddle: Pm me with answers and don’t tell others
What is in my pocket? jk that’s a hobbit thing
Riddle Winner
Thx to @qerrats for idea.
I feed all creatures while listening to



@stevepat2002_side (collection of foilcols)
@banditshop is the prize pool for Bday and #NWNG
@? secrets side

Longest I’ve seen a creature in the theif shop was 8 minutes. It was about 490k ec and a dud

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Feed all (to 166) of @rabbidwolfie’s creatures
Feed all of @soniaexe’s cove

Feed all of @invisiblefly
Feed all of @thedarkarcher
Feed all of @lazyanon

A proud zookeeper for @anonarmy

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moonweaver • 1 hour ago

Yo Steve! Would you take 500k EC and 50 CC for the Doppelganger auction? (Or I can do 100 CC if you want)

emo_pattys • 2 hours ago

Hello! Saw your Doppelganger in the auctions. Would you accept 100CC for him?

mirime • 4 hours ago

Thanks for yesterday's trade!

thedarkarcher • 15 hours ago

Thank you!

nooget_galaxy • 20 hours ago

Sorry for the late reply! I saw your reply. What creatures do you have that are from my wishlist?

mirime • 22 hours ago

Yep, I set it up ^^

iia • 23 hours ago

If you want any of my eggs many of them I’ll trade for cheap

iia • 23 hours ago

Umm I’m gonna have to see what u offer for the Nipha but the Pyraguin is not UFT.

mirime • 23 hours ago

It seems a good offer

iia • 1 day ago

Thanks so much for the Bessy! Really appreciate it! If you are interested in any of my creatures let me know. Trying to downsize and many are UFT

mirime • 1 day ago

I need ECs, if you want I can trade it for a good offer

rkrdragon • 1 day ago

Sorry kill some of it couldn't remember all the order of the words of the hobbit quote... ok cheers mate that was fun

rkrdragon • 1 day ago

the hobbit quote :
golem "ask ur ?", billbo "what have i got in my pocket?" G "thats not fair" B "u said ask a question, thats my ?". G gusseing " fish,rock/bones,hands" B "no on both counts" G "ahhhh gurrish thing",... Smegal"what has it got in its thiethy little pockets"

rkrdragon • 1 day ago

I think your funny and kinda straight to the point its great, it about the musical fox in the auction ... also i like the hobbit quote

glaciersong • 1 day ago

Hello! What's up?

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