When you're trying to enjoy your time watching hockey update videos but then your weather decides to be loud and start a THUNDERSTORM IT'S 4 AM CMON! 20 Jul 2017, 7:13 AM

16 March 2015
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Yo my dudes I just need friends who can talk about Ice Hockey. And I just need friends in general.

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6 hours ago

Thanks for taking some commons

2 weeks ago

Thank you for being so patient!!

2 weeks ago

creatures were okay. I had gone on a trip aha (and totally forgot we had things like a "Leaf of Vaka") XD I'll get back to you though!!

2 weeks ago

Ahh! Hey sorry! ;o; I had no time at all to check my notifications and whatnots; I was on just a mere split second to make sure that my

1 month ago

Yep! Also, curious. Would you happen to have any other Undertale names? ;D

2 months ago

Mainly CC? I could do 200CC? Or perhaps things @rainbowbrite01 may interest you?

2 months ago

I'm glad to see that you've been doing well!!

2 months ago

Hi there! Would the name Onionsan happen to be for trade? ;D

6 months ago


6 months ago

Stay amazing my dear! You're much too kind to ever not be... XD So I mean. Stay you. ;D

1 year ago

Happy Birthday! /hugs/ Sorry I missed it!

1 year ago

Ay. Was your birthday yesterday lad? /if so, happppppppppyyyy biiiirrrrttthhhhddaaaayyyyyyy /

1 year ago

Happy late birthday random person!

1 year ago

I happened to find these Lot #630057 yesterday. You're welcome to them if you'd like Hope you had a nice birthday!! ^^

1 year ago

Happy Birthday! *Throws confetti and cakes* *pats Toucan, gives cookies* *lathers entire post in honey*

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