will send back choco boxes as soon as I can. prefer 1-20 boxes at a time, thanks for your understanding <3 also seeking 50 CC, offering 450k EC /or EC + UFT creatures! goal is to get enough for a Leaf of Vaka 16 Feb 2020, 2:13 AM

26 December 2012
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feeding tip: hold Ctrl while clicking on the ones you would like to feed.
after you click feed, press Ctrl+W. feed the next creature then Ctrl+W and repeat!
replace Ctrl with the Command ⌘ button when using Mac

you don't need to feed back my cove if you're busy or if you just don't want to.
you're welcome to feed all the creatures, no worries!

I accept friend requests, and mails are welcomed.
if you are interested in any Creatures UFT or have any questions feel free to ask!
I do not mind being pinged!

I will be happy even if you feed just the Quick Feed group.
they are the ones that could use the stat increase!

I'll make sure that one of your posts will remain on the wall.
I believe that's daily views you're gaining for your profile creature!

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chihiro_sang • 3 hours ago

fed some

namyna • 10 hours ago

You're welcome. Don't worry, I never wipe or replace the old owner's notes because most of them are special and also makes a great reminder for me. I don't trade gifts. Thanks a lot for feeding and when I get some chocolates, I'll exchange them with you later. See ya

novrain62 • 13 hours ago

Thank you

next52 • 13 hours ago

hey I got your 50cc

novrain62 • 13 hours ago

Hello. Fed all of the lists

sugarsprig • 14 hours ago

No problem! Glad I could help

pwuffy • 15 hours ago

aw thank you! will feed back now

feliz201101 • 1 day ago

It sure is! I won't be as active as I am right now on the event as I want to be because of school, so I gotta get everything I can this weekend :/
I get that, I fed so many creatures today my arm is starting to hurt-
I love those 2 as well! Specially Sweetoth, it's adorable!

feliz201101 • 1 day ago

Thank you so much! I'm going to try and get more Tines if I feel brave enough to, and you're welcome, I'll be sending more chocolates to you during the event if that's okay!

next52 • 1 day ago

It's fine If you don't give any back I don't have very many friends on here so I doubt I'll get enough chocolate to get anything.

decay • 1 day ago

Fed everyone! (:

lexicon • 2 days ago

It's all good! I have a lot of catching up to do too ^^' we can do 15 if you want!

lexicon • 2 days ago

Thank you!!! ;A; I can hardly believe it. I stayed up so late xD. I'll keep sending to you so we can get as many as possible

namyna • 2 days ago

You're welcome & thank you as well. I had included the thank you note on the Tortell profile. Happy Valentines Day

smailly • 2 days ago

Fed all Have a lovely day!

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