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31 May 2016
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Fun fact! if your Chinese, the creature Xiang actually makes sense.

Special Thanks To @spectaclenest for being so nice to me. She told me where to get GREAT creatures. Plus she is always so cheerful, I want
to thank you for more reasons, but I am slow at typing. But I really want to thank you for the things you have done. SO.....

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please click! Thanks!

This is my Wishlist so far, this Wishlist is in the order from my first favorite to my least (I just some cc but really want some more):

I would trade ANYTHING to get theses creatures:

Creatures that I may not trade anything for:

My Birthday- Eggcave wishlist:

The creatures I already have that was on my Wishlist:
Kektron- thank you so much! @gogetavegito2498
Gerat- thanks to @appleblizzard

Wishlist so far!

Trying to save EC right now can use 1million
Just got ! Right now I hope I only use 2k

Leaf of vaka: 10/30/2016

For those of you who are Warrior cat fans! check this website out!

Welcome I am Shadowstar
the leader of Blazeclan. Here we heal cats,fight, train,ect. There is a leader like me and my deputy Skysoar (do not mind the names I gave them when they were little). There are also warriors, and healers. Best of all there are apprentices and eggs. Here are the jobs:

Leader: takes care of clan, looks over them lead creatures to safety and battle. Can have an apprentice. On stage 2 or up.

Deputy: carry on the work of the leader when he or she is sick or died of sickness. Also signs patrols. Can have an apprentice.

Warriors: warriors can have apprentice, go on patrols, hunt, battle and protect the eggs.

Apprentice: past egg stage, learning how to be a warrior.

Healers: collect herbs, treat clanmates, also can have an apprentice.

Eggs: eggs hatch to become apprentices.

Feed as much creatures as you can trying to get level higher

/ \

feed: @d31174

Helping @5eggs79 collect Honks

When have yazans trade them to @dafqon

Creatures (295)

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5 hours ago

Depends on which travel. Like if its Star of Bethlehem then 2-4 creatures, Northern Outer Space then like 1-2 creatures

21 hours ago

fed all

4 weeks ago

Yes I have a Xoloti UFT

1 month ago

How about 10,000 and a Kaihon?
So sorry if this is wrong.

1 month ago

Though probably not the latter, you have an awesome cove

1 month ago

I'm not great either, I am kind of new.I never offer right.How much ec would you want and do you see any creatures in my cove that you like?

1 month ago

Excuse me... Is the name Izz up for trade? (you can see why I'd want it )

2 months ago

happy free gift of the month your creature is in the trade ccentre

2 months ago

the results for round 1 of my giveaway have been announced ☆ please check it to see if you've gone through! Thank you & see you next tim

3 months ago

because of there being too many warriors in dawnclan, i had to have the new character, who is susceptible to blood, be in Leafclan

3 months ago

Happy Easter! Here's a gift for you: Lot #749404

3 months ago

profile creature: prankey XD i have last stage prankey ^^

3 months ago

I'm making a new character that will be susceptible to be recruited, and will be INSIDE ( basically apart of) dawnclan

3 months ago

Non-Player Character

3 months ago

Well, I just added them as NPCs' that you could control, but are really just background characters.

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