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23 February 2014
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Hello, welcome to my cove! My name is Anita. I’m always looking to make friends on here so feel free to send a friend request or PM me. Nothing here is UFT. My cove is feed friendly.

UFT side account: @ninetails90

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littlepaw • 1 day ago

Named my Hyaden Bunnie

littlepaw • 1 day ago

Thank you ^^
Happy late Easter! (maybe to late to say but-)
I’ve found 29/30 so far

littlepaw • 1 day ago

Hiya! It’s been a long time! (:
How’ve you been? ;D
And how many eggs so far? I’ve found 28, close!

sassybrat • 1 day ago

since our ideal didn't passed I have to sell my creatures to get cc

frankenstein • 2 days ago

I feel like dunk since you didn't make the giveaway, so I bought some of your shop, lol. I hope it helps

sapphire12 • 2 days ago

Aw not a problem. It was just bad timing then

sapphire12 • 3 days ago

Do you want the name "Hyadens"? It's not worth as much but I just want to thank you for helping me with the Zekkas?

sapphire12 • 4 days ago

Girl what? thanks so much ;-;

sassybrat • 5 days ago

ugh I hate this Egg Hunt lol

sassybrat • 5 days ago

Hey you are welcome to ping your friends in the forum

sassybrat • 5 days ago

same here just reply to the message with the new one. then mur can add to it if she wants too. I will do it tomorrow.

sassybrat • 5 days ago

I want to a form for voting for it.

Would you mind me crediting you into it since you agree with me.

we can do it together If so I will message you

shadowfaxe • 5 days ago


that travel looks so good on your surtle wth

sapphire12 • 6 days ago

do it in moderation bc it's very easy to slip and fall into a hole haha. always think of what irl thing you could have with the same amount of money and is it worth the piece of art on your cove yeah?

sapphire12 • 6 days ago

I gots my duck bunny too

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