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27 November 2015
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prairie • 1 day ago

And even in that trade, All the creatures I traded, excet for one, I had doubles on. Most of my older CSPs I got in 2013-early 2016. And my Tine was actually a Gift, so that saved me alot. :0

prairie • 1 day ago

I mean, I know there are some trades I'll regret if things get re-released, but I guess I just never really bothered getting super huge on offers unless it was a deal I was actually willing to do. I mean, The only huge trade I did was for my Pixgog (that I remember)

wizard • 1 day ago

Naw, it's all cool.

prairie • 1 day ago

But honestly, old CSP value has gotten to a absolutely ridiculous ammount. Onny/Doovoo/Macbot could pay for rent. XD So I support old CSPs like that coming into circulation again. The hard part will be finding a good way to do it.

prairie • 1 day ago

I'm drawing a black on what you mean by getting inspiration from the Eggcavity Easy Guide. IDK what that is?? And lol yeah. xD I mean while from a business perspective of Eggcave, re-releasing CSPs is a bad idea because the demand/value goes down, thus less cc is bought --

wizard • 1 day ago

What would you like for the Lagcaous on Fantasy5? I've been trying to get one for the longest time. X(

wizard • 1 day ago

Aaaah, endon is so cute!!! I have a soft spot for the baby birdies on here! (Zuria, Ara, and more haha)

prairie • 1 day ago

And lol, I'm excited too. X3 I'm also curious any cool new feature will be released/discussed. *v* still somewhat hoping they'll be csp re-release talk, but it might be too soon still.

prairie • 1 day ago

It is the skreel stage 1 trinket. And idk, I just really love matching travels to creatures. X3

stevepat2002 • 1 day ago

RIP I have to go up north so I wont be able to -_-......... thanks.

thedarkarcher • 1 day ago

Oh it was double/feed day sweetie i just haven't updated my status rn. Yeah i dont really have much going on rn after college has ended life is kinda boring thanks though. How is school going have you broke up yet?

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

thanks so much wildly i fed all back in return

stevepat2002 • 2 days ago

@status ready to stay up till midnight and try for species name? (well at least I am, I have the same time as EC)

and ready to fail miserably doing it???

peppermintcowboy • 2 days ago

Doing great now! How are you? All going well? And thank you so much! Now I only have *two* Nighttime Sun travels to go.

applegranny • 3 days ago

Really don't see a thing I could use there. How about 350ccs for the 4 m ecs?

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