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captaincookies • 1 day ago

Hey I don't know if this is something you'd be at all interested in, but I could pay you like maybe 10k EC for every cc travel you'd let me borrow, use, and then send right back to you. Your girl is kinda poor but still trying to collect items lol.

leafmelody • 6 days ago

lol i'm alive i just realised how cute the monthlies for november are sO i gotta search for them rip

pepper • 1 week ago

Crap - I forgot to change my profile on @peppoy. No, sorry. This isn't a trading account anymore. I emptied it... and now it's just another storage. (Too. Many. Accounts.)

peppermintcowboy • 1 week ago

All good with me. The weirdest misty snow is surrounding my home right now. Almost eerie to watch through the window. How are things with you? Fed your feedlist. Tire looks so great with that travel!

applegranny • 1 week ago

Thanks for the reminder! I'd forgotten all about it. And thanks for the kind words! Happy Thanksgiving!

mystcdra • 1 week ago

I don't currently have anything uft at this moment. I'm focusing on the organization of my shop right now and will deal with that later.

wererage • 1 week ago

You as well.

chihiro_sang • 1 week ago

fed some

wererage • 1 week ago

Mmh, sorry, I'm trying to swap for a last stage one and in case I don't manage to find one I'd prefer to keep my male teen one over a female child one. ;w;

galaxyleopard • 23 Nov 2019, 10:23 AM

190k Now. Just interested, What do you need it for?

galaxyleopard • 23 Nov 2019, 10:12 AM

Yup! Not much though, only 180k EC.
Aww you have some cute creatures!

loumina28 • 23 Nov 2019, 10:11 AM

I don't have any, sorry. But good luck getting some!

oscoa • 23 Nov 2019, 6:51 AM

Me too!! Let's do well on our exams together! >

oscoa • 23 Nov 2019, 4:37 AM

Or instagram or anything will do

oscoa • 23 Nov 2019, 4:36 AM

Idk when I will come back but I always on my twitter and if you want we talk there ^^

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