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27 November 2015
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Thanks for dropping by, i'll leave you with this cute lil commission
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izziedragon • 1 week ago

On my side @nuggy all of the rebonne have them

izziedragon • 1 week ago

I actually am looking for a bearealis stage 2 trinket travel if you happen to see one though o.o

izziedragon • 1 week ago

Thank you!~ Have a good night

comic • 1 week ago

Yeah, it as bit a long time! I've been on a big break due to real life stuff.

izziedragon • 1 week ago


leafmelody • 1 week ago

人们都是要钱啊 😃😃 谢谢,我还找不到 ;‘)哈哈哈,不是。。。我星期一已经写完了哈哈 😛😛 现在是十二点半,我还要写 tok 👿💩

izziedragon • 1 week ago

Sure. I've kinda been holding onto them like a hoarder. I know they're pretty and rare but I can't bring myself to use them lol

izziedragon • 1 week ago

Yeah they're from when I got 'em way back in the day (brand spankin' new) XD I was looking at the cave cash lot where you asked for 3-4. It's totally fine if you wanna save it

leafmelody • 1 week ago

谢谢,但是我自己可以煮米饭 😀 希望你们赚很多钱 💸💸

leafmelody • 1 week ago

昨天(十二月三十一日),我在 GC 商场丢了我的钱包。我那天先去饭店里吃午饭,然后我去 Coles 超市里买蔬菜。因为我赶时间,所以我不小心丢了我的钱包。

我的钱包是蓝色,比手机大一点儿。线包里面有我的驾照 (jia zhao), 信用卡和一些现金。

我大概三点半丢了钱包。如果你找到,请给我打电话。我会送你一个小礼物 (酬报)表示感谢。


cutepetspls • 1 week ago

oki i replied

mairbear • 1 week ago

Hmmm I'm really just loking for those travels atm but I might be persuaded to sell a couple for CC. Whats the going rate on SoBs now? Would 200 be about right?

thedarkarcher • 10 Sep 2021, 2:11 PM

Really hope you don't miss school as it's incredibly important. I guess it's better as everyone is in the same situation but it's still not ideal for you. Yes I managed to obtain one thanks I just completely forgot to update it

thedarkarcher • 10 Sep 2021, 2:09 PM

Oh we have a static caravan so we just went there for a few days it was just nice to have a few days off work. Aww that sucks. I've heard it's more strict when it comes to lockdowns where you live then in uk. We have a lot of cases but we are still acting like it doesn't exist. I

frankenstein • 8 Sep 2021, 6:02 PM

No problem, I've been busy myself. Real-life is a bummer, lol. I think I'll have to pass on this one, but thanks for letting me know! And I hope the other person enjoys c:

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