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opal_dreams • 1 hour ago

Thanks lovely ~ perhaps in the near future - can always shoot me a pm with offer ideas if you’re keen ^^ x

spectrum • 5 hours ago

Heyo ^^ Ended up trading for an Ahjoon, Iccilah, Flickle, Corphex, Blu, Valgrun, Luvlei and some other stuff

iluvunicorns • 8 hours ago

those are not sale sorry!

iluvunicorns • 10 hours ago

I have creatures for sale.

prairie • 11 hours ago

Oof, those can all be hard stuff to work through. I currently need to work on next steps since I'm done with schooling for awhile, and need to find a job (Hopefully one in my field) But at the same time, we are doing a lot of traveling this fall. Like every month pretty much

prairie • 11 hours ago

@status about what?

stevepat2002 • 12 hours ago

Thanks. Right back at you!

chihiro_sang • 14 hours ago

fed some

xxcouchxx • 15 hours ago

Fed all

xenni • 1 day ago

hello would you like to trade your valgrun for my Halldrag?

_black3333_ • 1 day ago

Ah got it, best of luck then!

dcmaster • 2 days ago

I’ll think about then
I got an offer for a Spookcat I’m interested in so I’ll let you know!

mysterylies • 2 days ago

Thank you so much! I shall endeavor to feed your creatures each day (that I am on) and feel inadequate next to your awesome kindness and wisdom Q_Q

dcmaster • 2 days ago

Oh oops I’m sorry I didn’t explain well xD
Uhh I wouldn’t do 1:1 for Vampyr sorry! I know you got a Biwo for your Ahjoon so I would be looking for a little less than that
I would be willing to do Corlinn + something though!
I would add for Nym if I can though!

dcmaster • 2 days ago

I know you’d never trade your Mummar

Maybe Corlinn + Zinzall/Vampyr?
Or I could maybe add for your Solis/Nym? c:

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