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27 November 2015
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euphoric • 2 hours ago

https://eggcave.com/trades/927616/show Here you go c:

thedarkarcher • 1 day ago

Same really i have a lot of work to do for this week. College is ending within a few months so everything is crazy atm

lunar • 1 day ago

Let me know if you ever want to collab on some art ideas. I wanna draw some more and Im kinda interested in submitting creature ideas.

lunar • 1 day ago

Keep your chin up, school is difficult x) And Im just lurking on eggcave, not really doing much on here. I just want some new CC creatures with better art to spend my cash on.

leafmelody • 2 days ago

ahaha it's np at all xD again i'm their grandma, so i'll take care of em if i gotta xD

mairbear • 2 days ago

Yes Pointy was easy to evolve xD I'm not too sure about the travel I found for him though.... spent some time on eggcavity today and settled on one but the shadow bothers me ;-; You got any suggestions? XD

lunar • 2 days ago

Heya, Im doing well, moved into a new place, went for a long walk, just enjoying the weather and such. Hbu?

thedarkarcher • 2 days ago

Thats okay dear! Thanks so much! Its not so bad just get a few stomach cramps sometimes but its nothing serious . So how are you today. Been up to much/got anything planned (cant get used to time zones lol)

stevepat2002 • 3 days ago

Enjoy your break, can’t wait to have you back here

leafmelody • 3 days ago

just spam me on insta lol i check here like twice a week minimum xD and okie, and cool a blobbart danmmnm ooo:

leafmelody • 3 days ago

also i made a quick feed list (those creatures are good what xD) so yeah gotta remember to do that lol

leafmelody • 3 days ago

mkay but tell me when you want them back ahaha xD so the mortals are guinstar and a few others... i gotta remember to feed em lol ehehe coolcoolcool (:

leafmelody • 3 days ago

everythings still alive pHew a few of them were anout to die though xD i haven't been on in forever lmao hows ec life? ((:

oscoa • 4 days ago

It will be a nightmare after wearing the braces xP Ouch isn't it hurt to pull wisdom teeth? Omg!! Congrats!! I'm so happy for you and I know that you can do it So pround of you son lol

prairie • 5 days ago

Its the shrew stage 2 trinket travel.

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