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27 November 2015
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peppermintcowboy • 2 hours ago

Entered! Man, it has taken hours for someone to join! Guess I should try to be more active.

sackname • 11 hours ago

Unless I can make a good offer including my SoB travels for your Lyf on @fantasy5... idk what other creatures I would want :/
(sorry for the late reply)

kdxu • 21 hours ago

wah i'm so interested in your greem from the tc as a fellow fox collector, i do have a Grizzard from ur full wl (that i won from pepper) if you are willing to do a trade with that? ) i'm definitely open to add more to it as well

leafmelody • 22 hours ago

it's hot hard to guess, of course im watching tv and doing homework xD last minute rush rip.. ooh movie marathon yes, pp2 is the one with the new girl right! and check instaaa cause I'm taking the bus and there's half a plan lol

pepper • 23 hours ago

Thank you, Wild!

pepper • 23 hours ago

I understand. I'm seeking 'The Ferris Wheel' - kind of pretty, with a moon in the middle, and yellow dots running in a line near the top of the travel.

leafmelody • 1 day ago

haha dw I spend far far too much time watching tv loll (also check insta im taking the buss)

pepper • 1 day ago

Sent you some SoBs. Just because.

pepper • 1 day ago

Just the Ferris Wheel travels for the Bellato, thanks.

pepper • 1 day ago

Thank you so much for understanding, Wild. I still feel terrible about it though. Anyway, yeah - that works for me! The Bellato is yours. Thank you again, so much!

pepper • 1 day ago

Sent you a gift, no strings attached. Just because I fell through on a trade. I'm so sorry I didn't update you that the Ribbert wasn't UFT anymore. :-/

pepper • 1 day ago

I can trade something else for the travels. CC?. I'm so so sorry again.

pepper • 1 day ago

Crap. I didn't update you. I'm so so so sorry, Wild. My Ribbert isn't UFT any more. I'm so so sorry. Gah, I feel terrible.

comic • 1 day ago

Heyo!! How're you doing?

leafmelody • 1 day ago

haha i'm alive for the first time in forever, just came to check out that gobbler in the tc xD

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