I am done trading chocolates, thank you everyone!!! 28 Feb 2021, 11:18 PM

8 August 2016
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~welcoмe тo мy cove~

ғeed мy creαтυreѕ αɴd ι'll ғeed yoυrѕ вαcĸ =^w^=

мy ѕιde αccoυɴт ғor ιммorтαlѕ ιѕ @xxcouchstoragexx, yoυ αre welcoмe тo ғeed тнere
вυт prιorιтy ғeedѕ ɢo нere

Creature value guide

ιғ yoυ нαve α ѕecoɴd, cнecĸ oυт мy creαтυre ѕυɢɢeѕтιoɴ, тнe Yulorse

~тнιѕ cove ιѕ proтecтed вy leαғ oғ vαĸα~

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distorted • 8 hours ago


distorted • 8 hours ago

Mkay! I wanna see if I can get 50 moar chocos before the event ends ;0;

sapphire12 • 20 hours ago

Fed all

sapphire12 • 2 days ago

Fed all

ch3rry367 • 2 days ago

no problem with the chocolates, Im gonna send some more your way anyways because you sent me some that I haven't payed back yet. Just don't worry bout it

thedarkarcher • 4 days ago

Thanks so much thats really lovely of you

sapphire12 • 4 days ago

fed all

thedarkarcher • 4 days ago

Fed all Have a great day

justagiannamoment • 1 week ago

Lol, no idea! Probably returning, but I have tons to send out!

lunacharm1037 • 1 week ago

fed all

lexicon • 1 week ago

sorry, a little short on time so i just fed your list~

deu • 1 week ago

Do you want to exchange 100 boxes? ^^

lbowe_elbow • 1 week ago

Thanks for the feeds and the chocolates

musical_slytherclaw • 1 week ago

sent back! thank you

musical_slytherclaw • 1 week ago

yep, that’d be great!

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