The Archives: Balarfruita

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Balarfruita. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (3)

150 Feeds

300 Feeds

900 Feeds




Available Jul 1 - Jul 31, 2022.


2 kg


0.25 m

Obtained From


Gender Profile

94% non-binary, 3% male, 3% female


Northern Plains

Population Rank

#304 of 1091

About Balarfruita Eggs

Balarfruita ("dragon fruit") may look exotic, but its flavors are similar to other fruits. Its taste has been described as a slightly sweet cross between a kiwi and a pear. To protect the Balarfruita population, the Town Hall recommends just eating a kiwi or a pear instead.

About the Balarfruita Creature

Balarfruita grows on a climbing cactus plant in the Northern Plains that can grow from 15 to 20 feet high and can live for as long as two decades. Some plants are self-pollinating, but some require cross-pollination to produce the fruit. The plant is adaptable and is known to be drought resistant.

A Balarfruita becomes a sentient creature after it grows on the cactus plant, ripens, and then rots. The creature emerges from the rotting fruit.

Entry Written By: Ian