The Archives: Ceryneean

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Ceryneean. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (3)

100 Clicks

200 Clicks

300 Clicks




Available Jan 21 - Jan 31, 2021.


150 kg


1.1 m

Obtained From

Cash Shop Park

Gender Profile

48% male, 48% female, 4% non-binary



Population Rank

#284 of 1106

About Ceryneean Eggs

Why does it look like this egg is looking at you as it floats just a few centimeters above the ground below? Most owners of the Ceryneean are very cautious, as no one really understands why this egg floats. Some put blankets underneath just in case, although you have nothing to worry about. At least that is what the SAR center tells us.

About the Ceryneean Creature

The Ceryneean, well, never spends time on the ground. In fact, if your Ceryneean is on the ground, then you need to take it to a vet very quickly. These creatures like to spend their time up in the air, whether that be a few feet off the ground or high in the sky to where you can't see them. Their frosty antlers glow, which help owners find them in the dark. Ceryneean are known for wanting to play hide and seek, even if they have an advantage of being able to be anywhere in the sky. These curious creatures are known for even floating while sleeping. Just toss a blanket on them and they are fine for the night.

Entry Written By: Jazzyleia