The Archives: Choconom

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Choconom. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (3)







Available Feb 14 - Feb 20.


10 kg


1 m

Obtained From


Gender Profile

85% male, 10% female, 5% non-binary


Ark City

Population Rank

#315 of 998

About Choconom Eggs

Choconom eggs are strangely alluring. Unlike the Bzzt egg, it isn't an enticing scent that appeals to passers-by; no, it's the sound waves the egg emits. It is unlike anything known to Ark. Every living being hears a different sound from Choconom eggs. The egg gives off whatever sound the bystander wants to hear, and it always involves affection. Maybe the noise is the sweet singing of your mother, or the laugh of your significant other. It could be the squeal your younger sister made whenever you'd tickle her when you were children. This quality can have both positive and negative affects. For some, the Choconom egg may bring nostalgia, and for others, it may bring joy. Either way, the Choconom egg is known for drawing emotion from even the seemingly emotionless.

It is not uncommon for Arkians to go into a giggly haze after hearing the Choconom's lulling song. Usually, they just stumble around, laughing whenever they please, and speaking of love and happiness. After about an hour of this jolly daze, the Arkian then proceeds to continue on their business, unaware that anything is different. Only that night will they recall their Choconom-egg induced cheeriness.

The SAR Center has discovered the reason behind the Choconom egg's tremendous quality. It is similar to the echolocation used by whales, bats and shrews. The egg produces vibrations that waft into the brain of the person or creature, and heads directly for the portion of the brain that comprehends sound. The vibrations then study the most joyful memories and duplicate them. After that, the vibrations head home to their egg and can successfully reenact the noises. The SAR Center is yet to unearth the reason behind this astounding ability of the Choconom egg.

About the Choconom Creature

Hatched Choconoms are lighthearted creatures that love to cause happiness in others. They are most famous for picking flowers and giving them to the downcast and melancholy, especially on Valentine's Day. If you happen to be given a gift by a Choconom, you should consider it a high honor indeed; Choconom are rarely seen these days due to loss of habitat. Choconoms don't just give flowers, though. They also gift Arkians with rich chocolates, colorful ribbons, paper hearts, and pink bows.

Choconoms have suffered from loss of habitat in the past, but, thanks to awareness spread by kind Arkians and the SAR Center, they have begun to make a comeback. Choconom find their homes in flowery fields and beautiful meadows. As Ark City develops and spreads, those lovely places have been transformed into city grounds. Thankfully, Arkians have created homes for Choconoms by purchasing their own land and setting it aside for the creatures, as well as donating to their local Ark City Meadows and Fields Conservation group, or ACMFC for short. Happily, Choconoms are regaining their numbers faster than anyone could've hoped.

Entry Written By: izziebee1017
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