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One file in the Archives reveals information about the Gantula. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

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Available at The VEND Machine.


Available Oct 1 - Oct 31, 2014.


58.7 kg


2.1 m

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The VEND Machine

Gender Profile

85% male, 10% female, 5% non-binary



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#207 of 1106

About Gantula Eggs

After burrowing beneath the ground at a depth averaging 0.9 meters, several Gantula eggs are carefully deposited by the mother and covered with dried leaves. The entrance of the hole, or underground nest, is then sealed off with a heavily adhesive spiderweb that can capture even large, unsuspecting rodents.

Any creatures, be it insects or rodents, still entangled in the web during the time of hatching are quickly consumed by the infant Gantulas. The voracious appetite of these hatchlings can reduce prey to a mere husk in a couple hours.

The Gantula egg itself is incredibly sticky to the touch and is difficult to dislodge from other objects.

About the Gantula Creature

The spider-like Gantula can be found nesting in practically any secluded area that is large enough to accommodate it, ranging from abandoned buildings, dark caves, and isolated tunnels. Their disturbingly large size at full maturity (around 2.1 meters) brings a sense of discomfort to many Arkians. This fear of Gantulas makes the species a common element in countless spooky folktales throughout the ages. Around Halloween, these folktales are often shared.

Intimidating size aside, Gantulas are surprisingly timid and will rarely harm another creature if not for sustenance. The highest level of aggression in Gantulas can be observed when their pups are being threatened, a territorial dispute emerges, or when two males compete for the same mate.

The Gantula species is related to the Scorbis, with both being arachnid-like canines, although they don't appreciate the company of each other. Gantulas, however, are unusually fond of Eereek and will even co-exist together, offering both protection and food in exchange for helping build cobwebs.

Entry Written By: Meteoroid, faerie_eclair_mallow
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