The Archives: Kitep

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Kitep. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (2)

300 Clicks

800 Clicks




Available Jan 19 - Jan 31, 2011.


24.7 kg


0.7 m

Obtained From

Cash Shop Park

Gender Profile

48% male, 48% female, 4% non-binary


Ark City

Population Rank

#584 of 1053

About Kitep Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2011.

Kitep eggs are remarkable in that they have gouges and craters in the outer shell but are still able to maintain a rugged structure.

About the Kitep Creature

Kiteps are very obedient, cat-like creatures. Unlike cats, though, Kiteps do not enjoy snuggling or getting close to their masters. Typically owners of Kiteps feel the same way about snuggling too; Kiteps' are not soft or pleasant to touch. They have very sharp claws and pointed ears. Getting too close with a Kitep means many cuts and many bandages, not because Kiteps are naturally vicious, but because of their structure.

Lastly, when Kiteps do not have their collar on, they turn into deranged, wild animals with no sense whatsoever. For that reason, it's best never to take your Kitep's collar off. Kiteps need governance and guidelines.