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One file in the Archives reveals information about the Lan. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

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Available Feb 16 - Feb 28, 2018


180 kg


1.8 m

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94% non-binary, 3% male, 3% female



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#464 of 1053

About Lan Eggs

Notorious for their tendency to be quite noisy, especially around the time of the new year, Lan eggs are nevertheless treasured for their eye-catching appearance and comforting texture. The luxurious golden fur lining the egg glows warmly upon exposure to moonlight, making Lan hair a popular component of street lanterns sold by festival vendors.

Older folks insist that keeping one of these eggs by your bedside on the eve of the Lunar New Year will increase one's longevity, while also securing good luck for the year ahead... only if you manage to sleep through the persistent, clamorous sound of firecrackers made by the developing Lan.

About the Lan Creature

Since Lan are essentially living embodiments of the Lunar New Year, it is fitting for these creatures to possess vibrant and lively personalities. Younger individuals are only able to make noises similar to firecrackers, but adults have the unique ability of creating actual fireworks from their mouths when given the proper diet.

Protective yet compassionate beasts by nature, they are often seen raising creatures who have been abandoned by their families, and it is said that they ward away malicious spirits wishing harm upon innocents. Interestingly enough, Lan gift ornate red envelopes containing colorful candies and Egg Coins to people whom they have befriended - although it is not known where these presents originate from.

On the fifteenth evening of the Lunar New Year, mature Lan gather together at a special plaza in Ark City, where they hold a final, grandiose celebration that is hotly anticipated by everyone on the island. During this yearly event, Lan dance to the beat of drums and clanging cymbals, while Arkians exchange gifts with loved ones and help themselves to the food being sold at stalls. When the clock strikes midnight, the Lan herald the end of the new year festivities by producing a pyrotechnic spectacle made more mesmerizing by the golden glow of their fur.

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