The Archives: Luvduv

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Luvduv. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (3)







Available Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2019.




0.5 m


7.4 kg

Population Rank

#685 of 911

Obtained From

Cash Shop Park

About Luvduv Eggs

A soft, unfamiliar melody can be heard playing from within the egg itself. These eggs are as hard as stone, but they still require proper care for the creature to hatch. They give off an aroma that differs from person to person, like the scent of a favorite food for an example, or something from a distant childhood memory. The bright vivid pink in the pattern of the egg, the warmest part of the egg, indicates the beating of the creature's heart, which is translucent and glows brightly when in dark places. The glow of an egg helps indicate when and how much love and care that takes into hatching the creature. The brighter the egg glows, the more of a chance your egg has of hatching, and the more you know how well you are taking care of your soon-to-be creature.

About the Luvduv Creature

When the creature eventually hatches from proper care, it is bonded with it's owner for life. From the moment it feels its owner's heartbeat from outside the egg, it will remember the sound for as long as it lives. Growing up in stages, it will use its owner's heartbeat as a metronome and find it's own song to sing, as a gift of love and companionship to its owner. In its final stage, they begin to learn another song from their own heart as time passes. When they are happy, they will listen to the beating of their own hearts, and make a song from it to share with their owners. If they feel that their owner is feeling down, they will do their best to cheer their owners up by singing them a heartbeat song. Luvduvd in the wild will also be as close and just as caring to their parents as they hatch, as well as when they meet their mates in their final stages.

The luvduv's feathers above the lower body are gleaming silver, while their tails and head feathers glow a bright, vivid pink. When these creatures are at their maximum happiness, their head and tail feathers will glow brightly as they sing melodies, bringing forth good luck to all who hears. The head and tail feathers must be groomed gently, refrained from being plucked for the heart of the creature beats within them. These creatures were known to heal deep wounds with these feathers by sharing the pulsing of their own heart, and cure those drowning in deep sorrows. If kept as pets, they require constant love and affection, and must maintain a healthy diet of nuts and berries as they would if they were scavenging in the wild.

Entry Written By: Jazzyleia, achimenes
Design Concept: achimenes