The Archives: Manekii

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Manekii. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (3)

400 Feeds

800 Feeds

3100 Feeds




Available Mar 1 - Mar 31, 2019.


Fairy World


16.3 m


365.7 kg

Population Rank

#536 of 886

Obtained From

Cash Shop Park

About Manekii Eggs

These eggs are created on rainy days when the sunlight peeks through the clouds and strikes the water droplets to create a rainbow in the sky. When the primary light hits a cloud, a small tinge of magic is produced to shape and create the translucent Manekii egg. After this process, the eggs are completely shaped in a solid form, covered in white and silver-tinted cloud-like fur surrounded by a rainbow aura. The Egg Coin attached to the egg itself cannot be removed, mainly because it is tightly bound to it by a magical force coming from the tail on the shell outside of the creature developing within the egg.

Not one person in Ark is able to answer where exactly the coin came from, or why it is attached to the egg, and some prefer to think of it as a sign of good luck.

About the Manekii Creature

These creatures often come out to dance among the storm clouds and find their lifelong mate when they can sense that the sun will bring light as it rains. Their movements are so swift and light that they are able to run on top of the clouds in the sky. The aura emanating from their bobbed tails can produce several rainbows to appear depending on how far their leaps can go. When there hasn't been a storm to bring rain for some time, you can always find ways to know when this creature is running about in the sky by stopping and listening for the soft chiming of bells that their horns produce or trying to find the smallest glint of a faded rainbow appearing. They are able to use their magic through their horn, but only when they feel the need to in dire situations or for when they decide to play catch with their coins.

The Science and Research Center in Ark City was astounded to find out that the bright red markings on their bodies are actually a map on how they are created.

  • Ears: The clouds which produce the rain.
  • Paws: The many bodies of water which allow the clouds to collect.
  • Eyes: The rain that is collected by the clouds.
  • Shoulder: The sun which provides the light necessary to combine the elements of nature to create the magical creature.
  • Thigh: The sun's rays hitting the rain falling from the clouds.
  • Tail: The rain falling from the clouds, being hit by the sun's rays, which creates the rainbow, the aura emanating from the creature's tail.

These creatures are so rare because they hide themselves among the skies from being hunted down for their horns and hooves,which are quite valuable for they are made out of pure gold. Manekii also bring the best of luck to their owners and to all who praise them. They are quite easy to care for if you keep them as pets, for they feed off of the light produced from the sun in the sky. They will eventually get sick if they don't get enough sunlight, so make sure to care for them properly! (The SAR Center is currently working on a solar panel specifically designed for Manekii.)

Entry Written By: achimenes
Design Concept: achimenes