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One file in the Archives reveals information about the Muckle. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

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Available in October.


11 kg


0.37 m

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Gender Profile

94% non-binary, 3% male, 3% female


Ark City

Population Rank

#599 of 1097

About Muckle Eggs

In a similar fashion to Yeep and Skreel eggs, Muckle eggs are found deep within Ark's various sewer systems.

Unlike that of Yeeps, Muckle eggs have a permeable membrane which allows sewage to seep through for nutritional value. As a result, Muckle hatched in sewers are stained with a horrid stench that is very difficult to disperse.

About the Muckle Creature

Discovered by a crew of sewer maintenance workers, Muckles express a very placid, although often timid, disposition when making contact with humans.

Very little information on the Muckle's biology exists due to the species' recent emergence. However, the Science and Research Center has discovered that the Muckle's DNA sequence is peculiarly composed of bits and pieces of genetic material from other existing creatures on Ark.

Origin of the Muckle

"Disgusting," lamented the doctor as he examined the end result of toiling for countless hours in the laboratory. Reaching out, he carefully poked the small amorphous figure before him with his gloved index finger. The creature recoiled in fright and whimpered softly. Frustrated but intrigued, the doctor scooped up the living blob into his cupped left-hand and brought it to eye level.

"This is not what I had hoped to achieve. You are a failed experiment; a mistake of my own doing. Yet, I cannot bring myself to destroy you. For being such an unnatural life-form, nature itself must make the final judgement of your fate."

The creature intensified its wriggling movements, forcing the doctor to tighten his grip around it. Careful not to let the disappointing creation slip away, he steadily approached the laboratory's sink.

"You might have a place in this world," the doctor calmly reassured while he unplugged the large rubber stopper from the sink drain, hovering the terrified blob over the seemingly bottomless opening, "Rest assured that you have no place in mine."

Entry Written By: Meteoroid
Design Concept: dragon_collector, lchen888, egg-cave_, qaz