The Archives: Trask

One file in the Archives reveals information about the Trask. You read carefully to learn about this creature and obtain more knowledge about the mysterious species of Ark.

Evolution Points (3)

100 Clicks

200 Clicks

550 Clicks




Available Jan 1 - Jan 31, 2020.


8 kg


1 m

Obtained From

Cash Shop Park

Gender Profile

85% female, 10% male, 5% non-binary


Outer Space

Population Rank

#782 of 1102

About Trask Eggs

The Trask egg is referred to as “The Alien Flower.”

About the Trask Creature

Trasks are swamp creatures from outer space. Nobody knows how exactly they arrived on Ark, whether it was by actual alien contact or perhaps through The Mysterious Asteroid.

In general, Trasks cover themselves with vines and stay out of sight. They cannot be seen unless they want to be seen. Trasks stay in the colder waters to regulate their internal temperature better. Tropical climates cause Trasks to perish.

Entry Written By: Ian